Video freezes after rewinding live TV

Upon rewinding live TV, the video freezes approximately 15 seconds into playback while the audio continues playing normally. “Going live” is the only way to unfreeze the video. The problem is independent of channel or program, and does not occur when playing previously paused or recorded video. It happens consistently on my Google TV and Android smartphone. I purchased two identical Tablo devices for the holiday season, both of which exhibit the same defect. They’re connected via ethernet to a gigabit Internet connection, so bandwidth is obviously not the issue. I consider rewinding live TV a key feature of this product, and I cannot justify it’s continued use without this functionality. It’s almost certainly a software issue that can easily be reproduced and fixed with a firmware update.

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Sounds like the same issue as this.

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And this.

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Perhaps. In my case, streaming channels are unaffected. Playback after pausing is also unaffected. Both of which rule out an inherent deficiency with Chromecast HD. Even if that were the case, Chromecast HD is an officially supported streaming platform for use with 4th Gen Tablos. So either way, Nuvyyo is on the hook to squash this bug one way or another. All that’s needed to reproduce it is an antenna and Chromecast HD. I opened a ticket with support last week but have yet to learn anything helpful. The most recent correspondence claimed one of my Chromecast HD devices has only moderate WiFi signal reception which somehow points to a pervasive flaw in my home network that is ultimately responsible. Really? That person is either high, still in high school, or both. I swear if I don’t get an intelligent response soon, I’m going to cash in on their 12 month warranty and get an AirTV from instead.

Does this mean you have other CCwGTV HD models that work okay with the Tablo?

I love the user interface and features of Tablo. However, the freezing and constant need to reboot is compromising my viewing experience. Before I bail ship does anyone have a solution because support hasn’t been able to resolve