Version 1.8 of Preview app not working on Android TV 9 after leaving it for a while


This week, my 2019 Sony Android TV (X950g) got updated to Android 9 and the new 1.8 version of Tablo Preview got installed automatically.

I now have a really problematic bug with the app. When I am done watching something on Tablo, if I power off the TV for several hours, when I come back, I can’t use the Tablo Preview app at all. The “loading” icon spins non-stop and nothing else appears, the app won’t work at all.

The only way I found to get the app to work at the moment is either to reboot the TV entirely or to “force close” the Tablo Preview app in the quite convoluted menus on my Sony Android TV.

Then, after force closing the Tablo Preview app, I can boot it and it will work, but only in the short term. After 1-2 hours away from the TV, if I try to use Tablo Preview again, the same problem will occur, the infinite loading icon will appear and nothing will work unless I force close the app or reboot the TV.


P.S. No problem connecting to Tablo from the Chrome or Windows 10 apps, etc., only Tablo Preview is problematic.

Edit: I found a workaround less burdensome than force closing the app or rebooting the tv. When entering Tablo Preview, the app will make me wait indefinitely while displaying the “loading” spinning icon. If I press “home” and go back to the main menu of my Android TV, then re-enter immediately Tablo Preview, 3-4 seconds later the app will finally let me in.

Not ideal nor normal, but a lot more bearable while waiting for a better solution.

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