Using Tablo Exporter


From the command line, I get “Error: Unable to access TabloExport.jar”


You have to give the full path to the jar file

The shows may still be on the hard drive, but any of the export programs on this site require the Tablo to report what shows exist and then provide the info to get them. If you hard reset, it will not be able to do so. If 'tech support" told you to hard reset then they should provide help in recovering your shows.


:disappointed: Then I guess there’s no point it pursing this Exporter any further since the Tablo shows only what recorded last night before I unplugged it. Thanks for your help in any case.

How do I remove Tablo Exporter?



It’s just files, you can just delete them, no install or anything

And that error means you do not have java installed for this type of applications


I tried to delete the file on the desktop. This is what I get:


Looks like you can either kill the java.exe task or reboot,


Rebooting did the trick. Thanks for all your help.


I export all my recordings weekly so that should my Tablo fail (and has to be reset) I will still have all the recordings available. I put them on a USB drive I can hook into my Roku for viewing them independently of the Tablo. It’s a form of backup.


That’s a very good idea @MarkKindle…I just don’t know if I’m disciplined enough to follow through.


One of the reasons we do that is my wife is hooked on a PBS show called “Cook’s Country.” She gets plenty of recipes from them. If we ever lost those videos, it would be a disaster. So we archive at least those programs we feel we’ll need in the future.


Since you are on Windows, I would suggest looking at Tablo Ripper. That way you can set it and forget it :wink:


In an attempt to avoid cross-posting rules (another user suggested I might get the app author (or someone knowlegeable) at this thread) I’ll just post a link describing my problem with an increasing number of Tablo files that fail upon export, and why that might be (fyi, I’m running TExporter on a networked Mac (10.12.3) while the Tablo itself is connected to another Mac (10.10.5)):


I don’t believe there are any posting rules at all to be honest.

But, I would need for you to run via command line with the -debug switch to see what is happening on the failing recording.

Look near the top of this thread to see how to do that.


Here’s what the app is outputting with an open cli (I think I did this right? I just ran the command listed at the top of this thread with -debug)
Java Version; 1.8.0_121
Tablo Exporter Version 0.07a build 117

Request packet sent to: (DEFAULT)
Done looping over all network interfaces. Now waiting for a reply!
Tablo Info - Name: Tablo ( - Firmware Version: 2.2.12 build: 1629814 - Model: Dual tuner
Timeout reached During Discovery!!! All good!
/Volumes/NAS/_Tablo downloads
Loading Data for Tablo (Firmware Version: 2.2.12 build: 1629814) (Model: Dual tuner)
Opened database successfully
Total Shows: 42
Time in seconds: 0 seconds.
Time in minutes: 0 minutes.
Time in hours: 0 hours.
DB Connection Closed!
Done Loading Data for Tablo (Firmware Version: 2.2.12 build: 1629814) (Model: Dual tuner)
Tablo : Tablo (Firmware Version: 2.2.12 build: 1629814) (Model: Dual tuner) - - 74228 - Saturday Night Live - Episode 16 - Scarlett Johansson Lorde.mp4 - OS Mac OS X
Start Time:8:00:35 PM EDT
Error code received was 1
End Time:8:00:40 PM EDT
Total minutes processed 0
Not Completed!


Ok, may need to wait for next weeks SNL to see if I can duplicate. Does it do this on all SNL recorded after the firmware update? Any other shows?


Also, please download the latest version see if that fixes the issue
Tablo Exporter Version 0.07a build 129


Oh, cool! DIdn’t realize there was a newer version.
Re: your question…I haven’t applied the newest fw update yet, and I don’t recall when the 2.12 was installed (I don’t think I’ve allowed a firmware update since I started using Tablo in January?)
Also, the file I chose for the debug was simply the first one I noticed the problem with. I got rather random results with other show-files since then, some extract just fine, others fail, within the March/April time period. Roughly two weeks ago, I discovered that my Tablo had locked up, requiring a reboot. Since then, new recordings have been made, including yesterdays SNL which…is exporting successfully! I also successfully exported some Charlie Rose segments recorded since the crash.

So, maybe I’m good after the reboot? But does that mean the pre-crash files are likely lost for good? They play back fine in the Tablo web app.

Anyway, I’ll take your advice and dl the latest build. Thanks for your help!


No, they should be fine too, assuming no data corruption


Indeed! I’m happy to report previously un-downloadable files are now dl’ing with the latest build (129). I really didn’t expect that. Thanks for putting a smile on my face this eve, and for the trouble you took to offer help!