Using Apple TV App remotely

Can I use the new Apple TV App remotely through Tablo Connect? I understand that I would have to pair it at home and then take the Apple TV with me if it’s possible.

And is login/password functionality still on the list of improvements to the service? That would be a game changer!

This was in the AppleTV thread.

Are there any plans to support Tablo Connect in the Apple TV app?

It’s definitely something we plan to tackle in the future!

How soon?

Unfortunately I don’t have any time frame that I can share publicly at the moment.

Hopefully 2018

Any chance you can share some detail now? It’s been nearly a year since this thread

Getting closer to reality!

We’re working on the back-end communication systems required to make this happen. Once that’s done we’ll be able to work on the app side of things.

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