NOW LIVE! – Tablo App for Apple TV

Can you add the ability to record live tv while watching it on Apple TV, perhaps an option on swipe down menu (info, subtitles, audio)? Exiting out and hitting record is an unneeded step. Unless someone else knows another way.

Pretty sure you can also do this by going in the ATV settings -> Audio & Video and find subtitles section there, off if you don’t want any, english or w/e if you want them.

You can easily turn them on or off by sort of “alt-tabbing” (not sure what it’s called with our friends at apple) to the settings section and returning to your viewing afterward.

Recording a show you are already watching would be a great feature.

I had the same problem and was forced to reboot the Tablo to get the earlier recording to stop playing in the background. I just wanted to indicate that this is a problem not isolated to your case

Does anybody know if the Apple TV supports remote play after I pair it with the table once locally?

The Apple TV app unfortunately does not support Tablo Connect at this time.

The guide is slow at loading. I am not using wireless so thats not the problem.

I am having the very same problem, guide data is very slow. I was told to not have as many channels in the guide, that didn’t help at all. My iPad is almost immediate where as my Apple TV is 15 to 30 seconds. ANY help with this situation would be appreciated…

Having issues w guide on Apple TV. It is slow to load and doesn’t load full guide. Please advise.

I am currently considering purchasing a tablo for my camper. I have an HD OTA antenna and an Apple TV 4. This appears like a great device to marry the two together to get full functionality for both without switching between the two. My issue is of course internet connection. I have a wifi repeater mounted on the camper but not very place I travel has an available Internet connection. Setting up a local router with no outside connection is not a big deal but will the Apple TV 4 with the tablo app work without an outside connection? I have read through some of the forums here and supposedly the old roku devices work without an Internet connection but there has been no discussion on the Apple TV 4 app because it is so new. Please tell me before I purchase if I can use this without Internet.

@Ordoff - the Apple TV app does have a local network fallback in the event that there’s no external internet however using Tablo frequently without a connection is not ideal. Every evening Tablo will reach out over the web to download guide data as well as perform maintenance and this can’t occur without that connection.

If it’s offline for several days, you may wind up missing recordings for lack of guide data and your database may get pretty messy.

We were without Internet service in our new house for about 3 weeks. While the basic Tablo functions worked (e.g. watch this channel) it was otherwise terrible. No guide data, the time/date were way off, etc.

I wish they would use EPG data as a backup in this case and possibly using the time signal there as a backup, but alas they do not.

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Hi @orion4100 - I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with your Tablo. Can you please contact support so we can discuss your problems?

It’s SAVE and REPLAY - at least get the store’s name right!

Calm down. Take a breath. Call technical support. Manage your expectations. Maybe don’t buy 4 Apple TVs before you know whether a system is going to work with your setup.


I have have been with tablo for 5 days and i love it. I have an apple TV in my living room and a Roku2 in my bed room. All worked fine until yesterday. The apple TV could not load the recorded shows. I can view recorded shows on my roku2, iphone, Ipad, and MacBook. So problem seems to be only with AppleTv app. So i switched appleTV to my bedroom to watch live TV. Roku2 in living room which is where i watch TV mostly. I rebooted AppleTV and Tablo, the problem is still there. Not a big thing but hopefully can be fixed sometimes. And i hope that the problem won’t start on my other devices.

My sister is thinking about getting a Tablo unit and needs to know if the Tablo app for Apple TV will work on her’s. She has a model A1469 with Software 7.2.1 (8011). Thanks

No, that’s a Gen3. She needs a Gen4 (A1625) to run the Tablo app.

That’s what I thought. Thanks for the confirmation.