Upgrading from DUAL to QUAD

My QUAD just arrived. Does someone have step-by-step instructions for upgrading from the DUAL to the QUAD? (I’m a Mac user and am used to things being EASY and USER-FRIENDLY. I like being SPOON-FED.)

What about registration for the QUAD – can I register more than one device? I’m going to sell the DUAL – how do I ‘unregister’ it? What about my lifetime channel subscription?

I use an Ethernet connection to the Wi-Fi router. I use the Apple TV app.

Is there a way to move my schedule from the DUAL to the QUAD?

Is there a way to move saved recordings from the DUAL to the QUAD?

I tried to submit an official support request, but the CAPTCHA said that I was offline and could not connect to the CAPTCHA. (Of course, I was online.)

Am surprised Nuvyyo does not have upgrading instructions in the box with the QUAD. I also could not find upgrading instructions on their support area.

Thanks very much!

I would suggest calling the support line if you can’t start a ticket online.

I don’t know that these instructions will work as the DUAL and QUAD do have a little internal storage so I don’t know where the Database is housed. https://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/articles/213345486

If you log into your account you will see a “replace” button you can use to swap devices on your account. I wouldn’t do that until you have talked to support just in case.

These instructions should work BUT the wrinkle is that the QUAD is currently on an in-between firmware load and BOTH DVRs need to be on the same firmware.

If you want to do the transfer, it’s best to wait until both DVRs are on 2.2.26.

Beta is going well so 2.2.26 should start rollout in the coming weeks.

I received my new Quad this week to replace my Dual. Followed install directions and moved the hard drive from Dual to Quad. Unfortunately none of the recordings can be recognized by the Quad. When I go to “Tablo” on Quad it does show what memory is being used and available so programs are there. When I go to recordings, nothing shows up. Not sure what I did or am doing wrong. It does record new programs and plays them back but would like to retrieve some older recordings
Thanks very much.
I have sent Tablo support an email which was received but not yet answered.
B. Wood

@B_Wood See above…


Quad is on 2.2.25. Says up to date. Not sure what Dual is 2.2.24. Also says up to date. Not same Firmware is the cause of my problems?

yep, see above… The will both be updated in the coming weeks

Thank you very much