Updates on Cloud DVR & Automatic Commercial Skip, Changes to TV Guide Subscription Accounts


They can support this, they said it on the site. It does not affect the Tablo’s you own now.

Poor analogy. A better one would be you went to the dealer and bought a car. He told you, if you pay $100 now, you can have free lifetime oil changes on this car and any other car you buy from us in the future.

Then they send you a letter "thanks for the $100, but sorry, now it only applies to the car you previously bought, we’re going to cross out the ‘and any other car you buy from us in the future’ "


I do have a question for @TabloTV though…

With this new structure, if I sell a used Tablo, for which a subscription was purchased, does that sub follow the unit or does it stay with me?

What I would LIKE to see as a reply, is that normally it would stay with ME to be reassigned to a new or replacement unit, but what if I decide Tablo is just not Working out for me, and I sell the unit… can the sub be reassigned such that the new owner has the sub? Or in that case does the sub just go -poof!- ?


And customers are not part of the business?
I never thought it was personal.


This analogy isn’t great either. If they are successive purchases (basically replacements) and aren’t both used at the same time, kinda how most (not all) people use their Tablo, they ARE included by Tablo. Don’t know many car dealers that offer that. It’s usually for that car, Linda like TiVo had generally done it.


You actually don’t have any customers if your revenue is so low that the business goes out of business.


You’re right, it’s still not apples to apples. Best I can do :stuck_out_tongue:


Which is fine, my replies have primarily been for people who stumble on this thread both now and in the future. Examples like that are misleading and don’t really represent the true situation.


I get it, business is business, and business must grow, regardless of crummies in tummies, you know.

You’re also going to lose customers if you’re known as the company who breaks promises, sells you thing and takes it back. We can armchair QB why they did this all day along; I can counter argue that retroactively taking away something I paid for, would be bad for PR. But who knows, this is such a non-story it likely won’t get picked up.


How many DVR units has tablo sold and how many subscriptions.

It’s hard to run a business at $150 a pop.



Do I understand why they did it? Yes, obviously, additional revenue stream. Though if you think about it, retroactively taking away a feature that few people took advantage of - would only give Tablo a very minor income stream. I think few people are upset about the new model going forward, which is where most of their income stream would come from.

Am I happy about it? Pretty obvious that I’m not.

Is it “right”/ethical what they did? Absolutely not.


Then move on.


Right after you :stuck_out_tongue:


Realizing the timeout should have been 15 minutes. :frowning:


I have multiple units and would be willing to pay $150 per unit. I like the tablo solution better then Plex, Tivo, WMC, etc.

I’ve saved way more then multiple lifetime subscription costs.


Oh, and by the way @TabloTV. The Commercial Skip video looked great :).


I don’t believe you.


Good for you?


I’ve had tablo since around November of 2014. And previously I had Time Warner Cable.

So that’s 52 months without a TWC bill. And money has never been the issue for me. It’s am I getting a good product for the cost. $150 a unit is BS money. I have more then that tied up in Nvidia Shield, hdhomerun, Plex Plass,etc. Which I don’t use.


I would bet Tablo looked at the number of multiple device users and considered this move low risk.

For those who are directly affected, contact Tablo and request that they grandfather you a free subscription if you add a new device in the next few months to honor the old “up to 10” limit.

If they flat out say no, then come back here with proof and we can all sharpen our pitchforks, because that is acting in bad faith. My guess, is they will take care of you. 2 years down the road? maybe not.


I agree with some of that, but it’s what you are getting for your money that bothers me. Let’s say you needed another 4-tuner for whatever reason. You lay down $200 on a new Tablo. To get the same functionality as you are used to, you now need to either pay $5/month (something you don’t have to do now since you have your lifetime subscription), or you have to pay another $150 (Just to get the same functionality you already have). There is no perceived value there.

If this is a business decision, then I think they need to rethink it a little. Unless I am wrong, I think the goal when selling things is to sell more of them, not less. This seems like a great way to sell ‘less’ of them.

I agree that they have the right (and probably obligation) to make changes necessary to keep things profitable, but ticking off your customers might not be the best way to go about it.