Updates on Cloud DVR & Automatic Commercial Skip, Changes to TV Guide Subscription Accounts


Insult? Fallacies? <insert key phrase here>?

meh, it’s semantics. You went after him/her instead of going after the argument.


It was an attack yesterday. But now, it’s an isolated response to a singular post. Additional attacks cost extra.


Ha! I’ve only joined to make my opinion known to Tablo. I’ve also emailed info@tablotv.com as suggested. I’m on my 3rd year on my 4 tuner Tablo, and I was looking forward to buying the new 4 tuner model once its released. Tablo solved that for me.

Is this a throwaway account for forums, you bet. Junk email addy, with junk pw so if & when they’re breached or sell info, could care less.


Wait, just to clarify, you were planning on buying the Tablo Quad to replace your OG 4-tuner or to complement it?


Got it. But don’t believe it.



If it aint broke, why get rid of it. :slight_smile:


What can I say nothing in life is constant except changes, ( c’est la vie ) that’s life.


Buying the Quad now just got $150 more expensive, and harder to justify. No longer a reason to stick with Tablo brand any more.


Insult? Fallacies? <insert key phrase here>?

meh, it’s semantics. You went after him/her instead of going after the argument.

… which you are doing now.


If you are needing 8 tuners, I agree. Without that need, why just replace your OG 4-tuner to replace it? My plan is if/when my OG 4-tuner goes belly up I buy the Quad and just move the lifetime over to it. My particular needs don’t require more than 4 tuners.


oooh… (my evil hat is on overload)… this greatly complicates things like license transfer btw. Has Nuvyyo considered this?

Edit: I meant device transfer… but you know, probably both.


Okay go with Tivo. Good luck.

They just, again, hinted that they want to spin off the DVR business. If there was a bright future why would they.


By calling you out? Yes, yes I am. Just be a man (woman?), admit you were wrong, and move on.

I’ll wait for you to copy and paste this into your reply. :smiley:

Also, I’m done with this silly side tangent with you.


I’m done with this silly side tangent with you. Just be a man (woman) and admit you were wrong.


Might be a good time for @TabloCEO to jump in. :slight_smile:


Why? I’m sure it’s strictly a business decision.


I’m sure it is. But sometimes with situations like this some additional transparency, if possible, helps understanding the reasoning behind the change.


Didn’t Nuvyyo just have to borrow $1 million dollars from VC investors to fund the manufacture of the new Quad and future R&D.

You don’t borrow VC money unless you absolutely have to.


I’ll still buy the Quad when it becomes available. And a lifetime sub.
Knowing that if and when I buy another unit, i’ll Need to buy another sub to go with it.
I will offer this up, clearly as an observer since it doesn’t affect me…

If the number of current Tablo owners with multiple units is that small, AND if the updated billing system will no longer do multiple unit IDs tied to one account. Then flag the current multi-unit owners and comp them the sub cost if they add another unit. Seems to me these are the people most affected.

If you currently own a single unit, well…things do change. If you bought a car with the intention of MAYBE buying a second one the same type, would you really be surprised if the price was different.

For me… if the Quad works out well and I want to add a second unit, at least I know up front about needing another sub.


I’m admitting you’re both wrong.
5 minute timeouts.
No animal crackers.