Updates on Cloud DVR & Automatic Commercial Skip, Changes to TV Guide Subscription Accounts


For clarity’s sake, if you wanted another 4-tuner to complement an existing 4-tuner so you have 8 tuners total concurrently, correct. However, if you are replacing a 4-tuner for whatever reason with another 4-tuner, say because the existing 4-tuner went belly up, that is covered by your lifetime subscription.


IMHO, there’s a story we’re not hearing that has lead to the change. Sort of hoping we can hear the story at some point.


Correct, I was assuming in this scenario I wanted to “add” another Tablo into the mix and not “replace”. I do appreciate that they are allowing replacements to be covered by the lifetime subscriptions at least.


…and the better example is… I want to buy a 2-tuner Tablo now (price) and maybe augment later with another 2 (or more) down the road. The “dipping your toe” style of adoption… not unheard of (and, in fact, explains my scenario, being a 2 x 2-tuner Tablo owner).

I’m really not trying to nit-pick, but I wouldn’t have started the example with “buy a 4-tuner Tablo…”, but I guess you never know how big of toe one person has to dip (?)


Sure, the story is new features that they want to sell per device. The first of which is cloud DVR which logically should be per device enabled, and they probably ran into an issue because they set subscription features on your account instead of per device prior to today.

So this is ground work to say every add-on feature will be enabled per device going forward.


Yeah, this is exactly the scenario I hope they can maybe compromise on, at least for existing 2-tuner owners who want to expand. Give them a short grace period to make that move if they want to. I get that likely isn’t possible for brand new owners. I jumped in with a 4-tuner because I knew that’s what I needed for my recording needs and having come from a 4-tuner TiVo Roamio.


Triage idea. Offer rebate on new equipment when you return old? Does some interesting things. It might reduce the “floating Tablo” problem (which you now have).


I agree, this is probably a better example. Personally, I am going to purchase a Quad (I don’t even own a Tablo yet). If I were to add another Tablo from there, it would almost certainly be a Dual. Unless they back away from these new changes (or at least delay them a little), I will never own more than 1 Tablo. I may upgrade to an new Tablo by replacing the one I have (maybe), but I will never own 2 concurrently.


I think this is probably the reality for most people who aren’t going to be grandfathered in. A reason some of us have moved to Tablo is because of the cost savings. I’ve never had need for more than 1 4-tuner Tablo so I’m taking the exact same path you are to continue realizing those cost savings.


Totally agree Max, I feel duped! As a committed supporter of Tablo and putting our money where our mouth is we now have a company punishing their best, longest supporters. The terms we bought our subscriptions as should be honored. Such a cable company move!


Then why advertise the subscription that way?? It clearly stated that I could for my lifetime add multiple devices. I wouldn’t have had that expectation or this frustration in changing terms on a purchased product if Nuvyyo didn’t make the statement. Say what you mean, mean what you say!


You have the option to go with other products: Tivo, Stream+, airtv, recast, Plex, emby, etc.

No amount of ranting will probably change things. Take some Rohypnol and when you wake up tomorrow maybe you will feel different. But not necessarily better.


No, I read this version


This thread reminds me of when Public Mobile had their 4GB LTE plan for $38 (dubbed the Fall 2016 promo) and they said no surprise increases ever, and then 1 year later then tried to increase it by $10 and got lots of people complaining on their forums all day er’day.

End of the story, they retracted their increase but that was likely after many filed complaints with the CCTS. But Tablo is a private corporation with no government oversight so they can do whatever they want.


In the USA, it’s similar, but reversed. They’re a public company, so they can get away with…


Just a heads up Tablo has been doing stuff the way there subscription are when I check what’s going on the schedule recording tonight, there where nothing schedule on the TV guide even they say new program lots of them tonight like The Orvile, TBB and other on Thursday night it say I don’t have subscription even thought got lifetime subs, I have to refresh my subscription and all the show that I want to record tonight, had press record on them Thursday night lots of new show tonight.


This is Complete BULLSHIT! I’m a new Tablo user as of some six weeks ago but never again. I’ll go to Amazon Recast.


I do have a specific concern, as I think others might as well, namely that wasn’t the agreement I purchased my Lifetime Subscription under. You stated on this forum, it was per account, not per device, and I could add as many Tablo’s to my Lifetime Subscription at no additional subscription cost as I like.
You just completely changed that, with no notice, and frankly, I think that kind of stinks. And it isn’t in the spirit of how I’ve come to believe Nuvyyo/Tablo operates.


Agree that this representation by Tablo was a factor in my choice to purchase Tablo and lifetime subscription and not a good move on their part.


Very interesting thread. I am a longtime Tablo owner and just decided to buy another unit to split out two antennas aimed in different directions. I literally bought a 2-tuner unit on eBay two days ago and it is on the way here for this purpose. I already have a lifetime subscription and thought that I would be able to add the new unit (that will only have two channels on it) to my existing account. I guess I’ll send a note to support to ask if they’ll add it, but if they won’t help, I will probably just operate the new unit without a subscription. It isn’t worth another $150 on top of the hardware for the two channels I’m trying to occasionally record…