Updates on Cloud DVR & Automatic Commercial Skip, Changes to TV Guide Subscription Accounts


They didn’t really CYA themselves here either, because I can no longer add let’s say an OG dual tuner to my lineup (I wasn’t planning to, I was eyeing the new quad, but that’s not the point).

Like I said IANAL, sure, maybe they can weasel out of this in the legal world, but they are 100% operating outside the spirit of what they sold me.


That was exactly my point above, 100% agreed. They’re a business, they need to make money. I’m all for that.

You never paid for lifetime firmware upgrades. I still agree with you, but they can stop doing firmware upgrades for people out of warranty if they needed to/wanted to make more money.


If you have concerns, I would recommend you follow TabloTVs advice noted earlier in this thread and drop them a message. I’m not sure the powers that be frequent these forums.


The blog entry incorrectly states:

Since we launched the original 2-Tuner Tablo DVR in 2014, we’ve been committed to keeping our TV Guide Data Subscription optional, affordable, and tied to YOU.

That will not change.

It did change.
Our subscriptions are now tied to the number of Tablos we have, not to us.
The original subscirption model was tied to us.


Already done, a while back. I’m sure I’m not the only one. And I referenced the outrage on the forum too.


Since no one has stepped forward and purchased Nuvyyo and they haven’t gone IPO maybe it would be better if they went out of business and their iron turned into bricks or beer coasters


Maybe I will, considering the money I’ll save by not buying additional Tablos. :slight_smile:


I have 2 2-tuner models on my account. If I get the new quad I will have to replace one of my old 2-tuners on my account and it will lose guide data and most functionality. I guess it could become the goto for Live viewing… basically useless tho. This just means I won’t be buying new hardware until one of my current units die.

Was there a reason to not grandfather by keeping the 10 unit cap for all current lifetime owners or perhaps just add 1-2 above their current count?


All I can say is “whoops”.

This step is weird, because the Tablo support folks until today, have been boasting about the way they used to handle subscriptions. Apparently this took everyone by surprise.

And while I do like Tablo, the scrappy Plex DVR if you’re a Plex Pass member (lifetime cost is $150) comes with free guide. I’ve tested 8 tuners with Plex DVR. You can have as many Plex servers as you like (but hey, you can put several quad tuner boards in if you like!).


It’s called funding. Users want all these features. Plus a new ATSC 3.0 unit. Plus Cloud DVR,etc.,etc.

People have and unusual understanding of what these cost.


I have a Nvidia Shield Plex server with a lifetime Plex pass.

On Reddit you might find a list of around 30+ Plex bugs. And the Plex CEO’s response about whipping the developers onto fixes. Maybe that’s why there are rumors about the number of users jumping ship.


There is nothing “bait and switch” about this. The original policy had been in place for years. The new policy goes into effect now. Those who already had multiple Tablo units are grandfathered in, they will not pay more. Those who buy a Tablo unit (or multiple units) henceforth, will abide by the new policy, which is stated firmly and plainly (in writing). Or … buy a Tivo, pay 180 bucks for each additional room and $6.99 per month subscription (or a hundred bucks more than Tablo for the “all in” plan).


But, my new post in Support… reason? Because people may search information here and because the old licensing model was often touted as a big differentiator, it (these touting forum posts) might be misleading to new customers.


Plex has always been in my back pocket since I have a lifetime Plex Pass already but the increased complexity is just not something I want to deal with right now. I’d have to buy 2 Extend units to get the same transcoding functionality of the 4-tuner Tablo, which is a factor for me since I don’t want to have to rely on another piece of hardware for transcoding. I do run Plex Server on my Shield TV but for my situation it doesn’t support enough streams.


I thought of another reason for the license change. There’s been a lot of hype about the new Quad… maybe too much hype? Maybe there’s too much demand? This could quell some of that. :slight_smile:


Bait & Switch = policy tied to you, register up to 10 units on your account, plainly in writing. And they just took that away from me. Anything they say now is complete BS. Why the heck would you trust a single word they are saying now? What makes what they are saying today valid tomorrow? Tomorrow changes yesterdays lies.


You joined these forums 38 minutes ago, you are not a Tablo owner and no little (or nothing) about the product, other that what you’ve read elsewhere. And you join the forum to do this? Your comments, replies have no weight and your intent will be seen for what it is.


Please refrain from ad hominem attacks, they don’t help the discussion. People join forums for many reasons, you do not know whether s/he is an owner, and/or how long they’ve been an owner.

Also, everything s/he said is valid.

I joined this forum within a week of it opening. Does that make my opinion weigh more? (it really shouldn’t)

It’s a bait and switch. I paid for a lifetime subscription of up-to 10 tablos. Now my lifetime subscription can only maintain the Tablo’s I own now. I’m not “grandfathered” into anything.

If I go buy an OG 2 tuner tablo, I now need to pay $150 for guide data, which I didn’t yesterday.


… this is an “attack”???


Please refrain from ad hominem attacks, they don’t help the discussion.