Updates on Cloud DVR & Automatic Commercial Skip, Changes to TV Guide Subscription Accounts


How is this possible? If you paid for a lifetime subscription it’s a one time fee and you don’t have to pay again. How or why did you switch a lifetime subscription to a yearly subscription?


I had a yearly, and then went to lifetime, not the other way around. :slight_smile:


Oh I can’t read, sorry!


When someone up in Canada starts a Class Action for breach of contract on behalf of all current Tablo subscribers, maybe they’ll honor the contract we paid for, or refund our money. This is worse than Sony taking away features on the PS4, since this is an additional paid subscription, where they changed the terms without offering restitution.


I guess you read this before you purchased your subscription:



Is there something specific in there that states that Tablo can change the existing terms on sold features? [I didn’t read the whole thing, just skimmed it, and didn’t see it there. Not saying it’s not, just that I didn’t see it]


Skim to the very end.

  1. Changes to these Terms . Nuvyyo reserves the right to update or modify these Terms from time to time.


lol, ok – it’s implied they can change the TOS going forward, not retroactively.


I’m all for unbundling everything.

All new features and new iron. If you want to purchased a used or refurbished unit under the old all-in subscription fine.

That satisfies your argument on item 20.


From the release

Those who already have multiple Tablo OTA DVRs on their account will be grandfathered and will NOT have to start paying additional subscriptions for their EXISTING or REPLACEMENT units.

You would have to prove this doesn’t satisfy the original terms legally


Sure, here ya go, from the release

So if a grandfathered user has, for example, two Tablo DVRs and chooses to add a third DVR without removing one of the existing Tablo DVRs from their account, they will need to add and pay for a guide data subscription for that new, additional device.

Literally the next paragraph. It lists a change to the old “terms”


I not sure we need to get upset. I think we all want the same thing in the end, don’t we? We want Nuvyyo to be profitable so they can continue developing Tablo and add new features. If a change was needed in their structure to facilitate this, then maybe it will benefit all of us.

However, I do understand how users like @Max are frustrated. They paid for their lifetime subscription under the premise that it covered their Tablo and all future Tablos. It doesn’t seem unreasonable for current users to be given some additional consideration. That is also good business practice. Nuvyyo isn’t going to sell many Tablos or new subscriptions to current customers who are dissatisfied with the company.

Likewise, for users like myself who are just waiting in the wings to buy new Tablo (the Quad), this announcement comes with somewhat poor taste. They have touted how the Lifetime Subscription benefits are tied to you and not the unit. Now that a new product is coming out, they change that before I can purchase the product. It’s ok, I understand the change, but it would have been nice to give me the opportunity to purchase and add the product before the change took effect. Yes I know they have other products, but the timing of is it for a reason.

This change won’t stop me from buying their product or adding a lifetime subscription. But it will stop me from buying a 2nd Tablo or adding any other future subscription. I’m not sure that is the intent they planned. Had they given a ‘phase-in’ period, I more than likely would have purchased a 2nd unit. Had they grandfathered in existing customers, they would have been happy and kept purchase options open for those individuals as well.

Like I said, I understand the reason for the change, but I think the way it was implemented just frustrated their current customers and reduced their short-term unit sales. My 2-cents.


New device new terms… That sub is tied to you, you can replace the device so it isn’t device locked technically


Well put, agreed


That’s a fair argument. So legally it might not be a bait and switch (IANAL); but ethically it just shows that they can’t stand behind their promises.

Emphasis mine.

A Message from the CEO Re: Subscription Account Changes

Well said. I agree.


I edited my post above as you were responding. Technically they cover this IMO. Maybe to the letter and not the spirit of the agreement.


If they wanted to charge a new fee for commercial skipping, fine. Retroactively removing something I had, covered by my current subscription? HELL NO!


The original 2-tuner MSRP was around $225 and the 4-tuner MSRP around $299. BestBuy is having another 3-day 2-tuner sell for $100.

This change only affects those users who actually are going to buy multiple units. All this pissing and moaning over a subscription fee is crazy. It’s not like Nuvyyo was making tons of money. If they were they would need another injection of VC capital.


I’m waiting for them to change the terms of the lifetime to really mean 2 years, covers 1 unit, and doesn’t provide any firmware updates.