Updates on Cloud DVR & Automatic Commercial Skip, Changes to TV Guide Subscription Accounts


I wouldn’t be surprised, but how do you know this?


This has not been 100% decided yet. There are infrastructure costs associated with this upcoming service. Until we see the full scope of uptake, it’s really difficult to judge how much it will cost overall and whether we can afford to carry the full cost moving forward.


I recommend beta program members get the feature for free.
It would be appreciated greatly. :slight_smile:


It’s Hulu’s content and Hulu’s commercials, you “pay” when you watch or you pay out-of-pocket both ways to Hulu. Whether you watch commercials or not generates no profit to Nuvyyo, it’s a bonus feature to promote their devices and/or services.


It was talked about when the beta testers received it, but glad that it is still up in the air.


@TabloTV Thanks for the update. When does the public beta open for this (are you still planning a public beta - I remember reading about that a while ago)?
The main and almost only reason I still use a Tivo Roamio is for the commercial skip - which is included for all users at no additional charge. It requires user action (minimal action - just press channel up), but works like a dream. An auto commercial skip will be like my old Sage TV setup…that I loved (but I didn’t have to pay extra for it there either!).


We’ll be rolling it out in our next firmware update. The ETA is late April.


Good, cuz April 1st would be a bad release date.
Funny, but bad.


We always have something more fun planned for that particular day :laughing:


If you want to stir up the users for April 1st, why not propose a change to the subscription. They will take to the streets with pitchforks and torches looking for the Frankenstein monster


You utterly and completely misunderstood what I was saying.

I simply meant, the idea that “commercial free is another $4/month” is well established in the world today. And the idea of skipping commercials has great value. I suggest that $4/month from people who want to skip commercials–an all-new, valuable feature for many, but not of any value to others–would have been a FAR better answer to getting more money, compared to “yeah, we said a bunch of stuff in the past, but we’ve changed our minds about that”.


You may have misunderstood the “changed our mind” thing. In his post - A Message from the CEO Re: Subscription Account Changes he states it wasn’t about getting more money

This change was not made with the intention of extracting additional revenue from our valued customers


Do you honestly believe that?

I mean, what did you expect them to say to their customers??

Only a naîf would even entertain the notion that this wasn’t a money grab.

For the record, here’s the FULL quote which you so blatantly left out:

“This change was not made with the intention of extracting additional revenue from our valued customers, but to enable per-device subscriptions for optional add-on features like Cloud DVR.”

We’re supposed to believe, in this day and age, that there is NO other way to achieve “per device subscriptions for optional add-on features” than…what they did. Right. Sure. I’ve got a guy who could fix that problem for them in a few hours. It’s not rocket science.

And now, let’s consider what other “per device subscriptions for optional add-on features” might be coming, hmmmm? Is anyone going to be surprised when commercial skip “suddenly” falls into that bucket?

Whose payroll are you on, that you blindly put forth the company line using such obvious ploys as partial quoting?


Of course not, I’ve had several rants about their damage control… one day everyone condemns them, then suddenly with some PR, with praise from so many - they are a shining example how a company should be? …just like that :neutral_face:

Do you believe paying for “no commercials” or “skipping commercials” are the same thing? That’s where this tangent veered from.


At some level, yes. The consumer places a value on lack of commercials, and it’s the VALUE that the consumer pays for.

On the technical level? No. But Joe Sixpack watching TV isn’t down in the technical weeds. He’s watching a TV screen. Hulu lets him watch some network TV with no ads for an extra four bucks a month…Tablo does the same, but on all channels? What’s not to like about THAT four bucks a month?

It doesn’t matter one whit who’s getting the money, whether the content owners or the guy who figured out how to provide value despite the content owners. All that matters is that Joe Sixpack found something worthwhile to spend his money on.

Tablo would be insane not to try to monetize this any way they could. And, funny thing–they JUST turned on the internal system that allows them to do it.

Huh. Imagine that.


I figured we would have to pay for cloud storage. And I am ok with that. I am hoping they allow you to pay for unlimited commercial skip in A yearly fee.


I agree, if there’s a fee, I’d like a yearly or lifetime option.


While I do see some value in commercial skip, I personally don’t see it having as much value as the no commercial plan with Hulu.

With Tablo, I can easily fast forward through the commercials. Takes like 5 seconds as long as I have the thumbnails. There have been a few recordings were thumbnails were not generated and I sort of have to guess when the commercials end. But still no big deal.

With Hulu, you have no ability to fast forward through the commercials. That option is disabled, so if you are not paying for the no commercial plan you have to let the commercials play through.


This tangent started when I suggested comparing Hulu’s no commercials and Nuvyyo’s (yet undetermined) commercial skip were two different business models.

It’s Hulu’s content. You either pay, out-of-pocket, not to see commercials, or you “pay” with your time to watch commercials (and supposedly be manipulated)… either way you pay Hulu. For commercial-skip, (presuming it’s fee based) Nuvyyo doesn’t own the content and is sell a service.

If I understand,

@adam1991 is suggesting the net result is nearly the same and that’s about all “typical” users really care about… and I suppose that’s marketing.