UPDATE - Roku Revamp + Amazon FireTV/Android TV Apps

Hello there Tablo fans!

The end of Q1 is nigh and we know you’ve all been looking forward to the launch of our updated Roku channel as well as new apps for Amazon FireTV & Android TV. 

Our beta testing for these new additions is going really well. However, our beta users have found one issue in each platform that we’d like to address before hitting ‘go’. 

This means in order to incorporate this user feedback, we’ll be delaying the launch for approximately 1 week. While we don’t like to disappoint our fans we know this extra time will enable us to deliver a superior experience.  

So What Needs to be Tweaked? 
On Roku, beta testers requested that we include episode delete functionality in the first release of the revamped channel. Since many users like to delete episodes right after watching them, this is something we want to add to increase usability. 

On Amazon Fire TV and Android TV there are some intermittent video stuttering issues that we’d like to resolve with some tweaks to the player. A smooth viewing experience is obviously important so we’re also committed to making this change.

We thank you for the patience you’ve had in waiting for these new additions over the last few months. We know waiting an extra week will be hard, but we know that the end product will be worth it. 


Sensible move for wide/public release. Maybe easier for me to say as I’m a beta tester ;), but having solid playback, exit option, etc. will make the app more fun to use overall.

@TabloTV are you doing any Android TV beta testing?  I thought that there wasn’t enough interest (was I the only one?) and only Fire TV was being beta tested.

Thanks for the update and keeping us all in the loop! I can’t wait for the freak out posts lol

For what it’s worth, IMO the new Roku channel is ready for Primetime, I don’t care much for the Delete option. I manage my Tablo through the iPad or Chrome browser.

@faganm24 - I’ll have @TabloSupport reach out to you. We do have a limited beta for Android going. We may have inadvertently missed you in the roundup.

I am sad, but I understand.  You will have your one week reprieve from bugging messages from me.

I am sad, but I understand.  You will have your one week reprieve from bugging messages from me.

Very much appreciated :) 

It is ready but the delete should be there on the initial revamp because there is no telling how long it will take to get to the next release. Currrently I’m watching on beta on Roku and deleating from web or Android phone.

I watch a days worth of shows on Beta and then just go back into the regular app to delete the shows, or if I get to the computer I do it from there.  But I definitely would like it added to the Beta so the extra steps aren’t necessary

Snart move and glad to see the two biggest requested fixes/updates are the ones you chose to not launch without.

As awesome as that is, please, Please, PLEASE also add the ability to delete all episodes of the same show!  This would save us so much time.

@tablosupport @tablotv Very excited to be so close! I was surprised a “date” was given considering the last delay in the 4-tuner but if it helps then all the better.  And is this the delete option that was requested back in August? Not like it was just brought up.  But if it takes a little longer to get it I’m sure it will be worth the wait.  Glad to hear it’s being included.

And while I haven’t been involved with a release like this for 20 years I’m sure things haven’t changed much. The week leading up to the release is nothing compared to the next two.  Good luck to everyone and thanks for all the hard work!

Any chance those of us waiting could play with the beta while we wait?

Good call @TabloSupport!


As a non-beta tester who is eager for the update, I fully support your decision. I would rather wait for you to make it the product you want to stand behind. I appreciate all your hard work, and am frankly surprised you didn’t push the date back because of all the pestering you got from your over-eager fans! Keep up the great work!

I know it’s not until tomorrow, but is this an April fools joke?

Take you time! Remember to give the QA Team a chance to check the latest changes.

Hi guys! Thanks for being so supportive! 

To clarify, this won’t be ‘mass delete’ but that is on the to-do list. It is enabled on the server side, we just need to find some time after we get these apps done to add that ability in the UIs. 

I’m confused.  I have episode delete on Roku/Tablo now, so how is this new?  What everyone has been asking for for a year plus is the ability to either set maximum number of episodes to record (deleting older ones) or at least delete all instances of a given show.  If the only “new” feature here is to delete a single episode I don’t see how that is an addition.

Good call. Like most, I’d rather have the product ready to go out of the gate. Appreicate the hard work.