Unit won't play claiming weak signal. Scan shows 5 green dots

I have a 4 tuner Tablo. Lately, I go to watch something and nothing will play. I get a weak signal message. I’ll go into my.tablotv.com and rescan. All selected channels show up as 5 green dots. The only thing that has worked and this is only for a short time is to unplug the box, wait a few moments and then restore power.

My Tablo is in a cool basement. I have a large antenna with a preamp on it in the attic. From my.tablotv.com, it claims the channels are all solid. What is going wrong? I can’t use it unless I first reboot.

My device has worked for months. Nothing has changed in the setup. Did the unit go bad?

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Same issue here too, need google classroom assistance on this. Help is appreciated.


Remove the power to the Tablo for 30 seconds. Then reapply power, and wait for the Tablo to reboot.

Let us know if this works or not.

I had a similar event last Sunday. The Tablo started reporting Player error weak signal so I changed the physical channel to 3 others and all reported the Player error weak signal. After I reset the Tablo, operation returned to normal. I tried to reproduce the problem today but failed in several attempts. After the reset 1 week ago my Tablo has been operating completely normal.

Are you recording a lot of material simultaneously? In my case last week it was football on a Tablo Dual. So it only took 2 games and a request to play a different physical channel.

Any ‘Player error tuner unavailable’ errors reported?

Are you using a FireTV Stick?
Are you using WiFi?

That only works for a short time. I can’t trust my Tablo to continue working through a program. It may work for 20 minutes after the reset or a couple of hours, but it will stop playing and any attempt to tune to a different channel or the one it had been playing fails with the “weak signal” error.

I can go to my computer when this happens, go to setup and rescan. ALL channels have 5 green dots and report are good, but the Tablo box will not stream one because of a “weak signal”.

I have a 4 tuner box and have never received a “Player error tuner unavailable”. There are cases where two channels were being recorded and we were watching a third.

I use Roku to view programs. One is there latest model, a 4K unit. I have two. Both receive a “weak signal” error on the Tablo channel. All my connections are hard wired. I am not using WiFi.


Thanks for the reply. It appears that the only thing that we have in common is the use of ethernet instead of WiFi.

Perhaps something has changed with the signal strength. Would you mind giving me your latitude and longitude? (And the approximate distance to the transmitters.)

A channel scan using the Roku app found 21 channels - all 21 had 5 green circles for signal strength. However when I would try to watch Live TV it would give me the weak signal message.

After trying everything I found on the forum I launched the Tablo app on my phone and performed the channel scan using it.The scan found 21 channels but not all of them had a checkmark next to them. I made sure all of them had checkmarks and after that Live TV was working again.

I had that issue tonight only one channel would work all the rest said weak signal and I went to rescan the channels and it said no channels found. I then unplugged the tablo unit, and waited 20 seconds and plugged it back in… Everything worked fine after that.

We’d like to take a look and see what we can do to help! I’ll send you a PM shortly with some next steps.

I’ve been having this issue since 2.2.27 beta was released…Tablo hasn’t been able to figure out what’s causing it. Both of my Tablos have been having this issue about once a week, reboot fixes everything.

I have the same problem and have tried all of the above. I tried rebooting, unplugging, restarting, everything. I still get the 5 green dots, out of twelve channels I have one with three orange dots and it comes in fine.

I have been using Tablo for years and everything has worked fine - even the dot system. This is the first time I get 5 green dots and get no station. Does anyone know how Tablo’s signal strength system works. Do these dots mean anything? They seemed to mean something in the past.


Have you run and saved a fresh channel scan recently? The dots are reflective of the signal status at your last saved scan.

Not commenting on the “dots”, I have a similar struggle. Noticed other comments "been just fine for [period of time] suddenly great channel won’t work. I’m not absolutely confirming the issue is with tablo although I don’t see it on my TVs.

It’s odd it’s only later in the evening. Last week it was just a single channel. Now there’s two - weak signal, tablo1 doesn’t have an issue, so I’m going to have to confirm cabling. When I’m recording schedule will have minimal impact I’ll have to swap locations.

No, you’re not alone, but there are so may outside variables to take into account - most were never aware of. :frowning:

Are you using a pre-amp on the antenna? This boost signal and noise. So having 5 dots may mean strong noise and signal, but not necessarily great reception. I wish Tablo would allow you to bring up a live Signal Strength (or better yet SNR) dialog for an individual channel to allow you to adjust the antenna or try different amp combinations. I think they use the Maxliner MXL692 tuner IC, so not sure if that supports reporting of SNR over the I2C interface.

The problem may be atmospheric propagation, where signals from far away are being redirected by the hot air back down to your antenna.

I live NW of Austin, and there are 3 main channels that go out when it is over 95 during the day, and cools to below 75 at night. When I do a rescan, I can watch channels close to 200 miles away without issue. The 3 channels that say, “No signal” are actually getting co-channel interference, causing the channel to not be able to be received (analog days, you had two pictures received on the channel, digital days - it shows no signal). And with the repack, the co-channel interference has gotten worse…

Same here! I show 5 green dots and yet the Tablo says that the signal strength is too weak. Makes no sense. I’ve restarted (leaving in unhooked from everything for over 3 hours) reset it, uninstalled/reinstalled everything and nothing solves the problem. Hooking up a Tivo Roamio to the very same connection with the very same cables works flawlessly. Tablo is not ready for prime-time. Drops channels randomly, and randomly loses contact with my Roku box (All connected via Ethernet) Can’t get a hold of Tablo support so I will more than likely return it to the dealer.

This isn’t an MS Windows system… these methods will have little to no impact.

[note: uninstalling doesn’t necessarily remove configuration data… it’s often pointless]

Tablo technical support can look at the logs in the unit and determine what is causing the problems. If you contact them by email, and leave your phone information and when they can contact you, they will take care of you.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: so they can dig deeper than the “customer’s error” no signal, or unable to tune or even weak signal and tell you what’s causing the problem… when nothing else in your house has issues getting a signal or tuning or a strong enough signal with the antenna and cabling setup? via these secret logs? :neutral_face: