Uncertain Future of OTA DVR's?

Will current OTA DVR’s still work with ATSC 3.0? Is Tablo already capable of ATSC 3.0?

Tablo is working on a 3.0 version. It is on hold due to the constant changing of some requirements. The fact that many stations are already using DRM is probably the biggest holdup as they work out how to implement it. Unlike some companies that are selling tuners that are not properly DRM capable and need to be replaced, they decided to hold back and get it right the first time.


ATSC and A3SA has made the DRM solution for HDMI only STB’s easier then the network attached solution. But there are products slowly creeping through the actual certification process. The process also identifies not only DRM issues but other required non-DRM features that are missing.

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No and No. All devices will need new tuners for ATSC 3.0, so nothing currently on the market (TVs included) will work.

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There are actually TVs shipping for “NextgenTV” with ATSC 3.0 tuners and even provisions supposedly for future key, licensing and decryption handling (but we’ll have to see that in action).

So, we have things “shipping”, and some “promises” that things will be handled as drm is rolled out everywhere (mostly everywhere).

I do think that due to the need to exploit OTA via drm, that even TV tuners are holding back a bit because of the uncertainty of that landscape.

And … since this isn’t a government mandate, it’s possible that all of this becomes the “Betamax of OTA” (there’s a lot of money involved and not just Sony in this case… so perhaps unlikely).

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For what it’s worth, current Tablo OTA DVRs (and all other ATSC 1.0 devices) will continue to work through at least July 2027.

At that point, the FCC will evaluate the current state of the transition to ATSC 3.0 and may further extend the requirement for broadcasters to continue delivering programming in ATSC 1.0.


Doesn’t the "substantially similar requirement " have an escape clause for low power broadcasters and those broadcaster in locations where there is no other broadcaster to partner with. Of course under those limitations I still don’t know who would give up ATSC 1.0 for ATSC 3.0.

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Have the requirements actually changed? Haven’t DRM always been part of ATSC 3.0? as the video mentions a 6yr old video/article.

It’s been know up front Next GenTV is about generating corporate profits. The claim of preventing piracy is a prelude to subscription and Pay to View. No way would there be a major investment if they didn’t see a return coming back.

I don’t think companies have a business model where their model will be to lose money. I’m sure broadcasters see ATSC 3.0 as a new business model. They expect additional revenue. But it’s yet to be seen how much net profit will show up on the balace sheet.

Also, I don’t believe the FCC has officially opened up this for discussion yet. Because that can influence things as well (well, in theory).

It’s quite the dance here, because the future of OTA is actually on the line.

In the 90’s OTA as deemed important enough for the government to spend millions (maybe more) of dollars to help make sure the migration to digital went “ok” (it wasn’t perfect, but they tried really hard). There’s no requirement this time with regards to a successful migration. It could be devastating for many if ATSC 1.0 is ended. But, do we care anymore?

So, in 4 years current Tablo DVRs will be useless? Right? In my area we have already had 3.0 broadcasts for about 2 years so far.

Only if 3.0 is successful and 1.0 broadcasts shutdown. Which is not a sure thing.

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The future of OTA isn’t on the line. Existing TV’s with ATSC 3.0 tuners can already handle ATSC 3.0 DRM broadcasts. The area in development and testing are STB devices - both HDMI connected and network STB’s… Of course I doubt the open source DVR products will ever be able to handle ATSC 3.0 DRM.

I hope you’re right.

I hadn’t heard about any of those yet. Are the network STBs in development that you mentioned planning to have network DVR functionality?

SD has a headless STB and also has DVR functionality. I don’t know whether or not the DVR functionality is any good. Most SD users use plex DVR. SD hopes to wrap up DRM certification by the end of July.

While I also own a SD 4K I prefer to wait for a tablo solution.

Let’s join the protest.

obviously, this could get out of hand, but… does lean the way I’m leaning…

Yes, a great uprising… Corporations control the Federal government. Not much of anything substantial happens unless there’s mass amounts of profits.

In the past, it’s been noted the FCC has to have a period for public input, yet there is no stipulation they need to really pay any attention to any of it.

Another news report, children shot while attending school. The people demanding change! Years later… “the people” continue demanding. This example involves the lives of children.

I will sign the petition. But as far as marching down to the congress people need to be careful you could wind up in jail. Remember January 6th? That was was a bunch of BS. We are heading to a one world government and people are just letting it happen.our rights one by one are being taken away. I take photo as a hobby and in the USA you have the right to take photos in public but you do have people that will call the law on you for taking street photography.