Unable to watch via browser - help tablo!

So here is an interesting issue. I had to clear my browser cache. Once I did I could no longer see anything on one of my Tablo’s.

Reset the Tablo, cleared all data in chrome and I just get the spinning on Prime. I can’t seem to get anything back.

I even ended up clearing everything in Chrome and still nada.

Anyone run into this??

I should add, it spins and then stops like it is done. But nothing. I can get to the menu and navigate, but that does me no good. It is like there is no guide data and no recordings, and no scheduled. But it is all there and can be reached other ways.

I’ll ask the obvious question, because most likely the answer is yes, but are you using a static IP for the Tablo? That’s the first thing I think of when someone has that problem, but figured you would think of that.

Of course. Plus I can connect, it just seems the data is not getting populated.

Might be time to open a ticket. Does it work on Roku / FireTV (whatever you have) or could the Tablo detect that you said you weren’t having any problems with the Tablo wireless :smile:

Yea it does, that is why it is so weird. Also not working in Safari…

@TabloSupport, is there some issue with the browser code???

Using what device? Did you see this thread? Help! Problems since installing 2.2.2

Like I said, Chrome browser :wink:

Also, it works fine for my 2 tuner, but the 4 tuner no go…

One more bit of news, I tried on my Windows 10 box and it came up with data. However, that data was old and it did not sync up to date data :frowning:

Weird indeed. @TabloTV any suggestions for @Jestep
I give up.

Here is another weird thing… The current recording showed up in recordings! But nothing else does :frowning:

Oh and I can see Channel 5.1 is recording, but I cannot see any data in Live tv

So for anyone watching having similar issue,

So last night’s guide update added new data to my pages and my shows that recorded after my delete of data also showed up.

So it appears the Browser app thinks there is still meta data on my browser and only updates/adds new items that are truly new.

@TabloTV @TabloSupport, I opened a ticket for this, makes the browser useless right now. And explains why my second Tablo I never connect to connected ok and populated.

So WebSQL DB is blank, nada, nothing in it :frowning:

@TabloTV @TabloSupport browser is my main way to watch, please help!

I had last night what might be related to this. I was playing around with things, trying to determine the steps to get to the 5.0GHz band once I receive my new Extender. The menu is now different from what is buried in this forum, but I finally got the Tablo to “blink” ( slow flashing blue light - this means that it is sending out it’s own network signal ). Anyway, since I don’t have the 5.0GHz Extender, I set it back to the 2.4GHz one, and it proceeded fine and dandy. However, when I went to look at my recordings, only a small fraction of what I know to be there was present. Ultimately, I just waited, and the Tablo finally “caught up”.

No, unrelated. I am connected, the data in the browser is just not getting populated at all unless it is brand new data. Then if I clear all chrome data it is blank again. This is a pretty big problem