Help! Problems since installing 2.2.2

Since I was able to get the 2.2.2 update a couple days ago, I’ve had problems with the Fire TV Stick and iPad apps. It seems to work fine from my iPhone, but not other devices. When I try to log in from the iPad or FTV Stick, everything is blank. No guide info shows. No recordings in the section. And no way to set up new recordings. I’ve tried uninstaling and reinstalling to no avail. Any ideas???

@Cruzzer Please send us a ticket - we’ll get you fixed up.

Just put one in. I was hoping someone else had experienced this before and had a quick fix. I guess not. :frowning:

I hope this gets resolved before all the new shows come back on this fall.

I’m having the same situation. Everything is blank on my computer (via web app) and iPhone 5 and iPad mini. Our old iPad (2nd gen) seems to be working fine.

I’ve restarted everything, including the router and Tablo. I’ve reinstalled the apps that aren’t working. No luck.

I was first emailed by support and told to disconnect the tablo from the app and re add them. That didn’t fix it, so I was told to totally reset the Tablo, which will delete all my recordings. And then start over like it’s a brand new Tablo. I don’t have many recording at this point since all the shows are about to come back on. I haven’t done it yet, so I’ll let you know if it fixes the problem.

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I ran into that too, When you first try to login and it can’t find the tablo, in the upper right corner on the iPad is a button for “EDIT”. I hit that and it gave me the option to delete the existing tablo. I did and after that it was able to find the tablo.

I had to reset the whole thing back to factory settings, but it seems to be working fine now.