Tuner results and a question

I just got a Tablo Dual Lite and the tuner is doing much better than my Tivo Bolt (which I’m going to sell, btw… tired of the Tivo ecosystem). This wasn’t the case in the past as I had tried the original Tablo back in 2015 and the tuner on it was horrible in comparison to my Tivo Roamio which I had at the time.

Did Tablo upgrade their tuners, and is the same tuner in all Tablo models now?

The Dual Lite has a new tuner (same manufacturer). Internally it uses a two leg splitter rather than the 4 used by all previous models. The two splitter loses less signal per leg than the four.

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Ah, that could be it then. Anyway, I’m very happy with it’s performance so far!

BTW Tivo (i.e. Rovi) lost a court case last week to Comcast over some DVR copyrights. Tivo’s copyright lockup may be coming to an end.

Yeah, seems like Tivo went the patent infringement route to try to make big bucks. And it worked to a degree. Glad to see it being squashed. Ever since Rovi took over, Tivo seems to have gone steadily downhill.