Transferring Hard Drive Data to PC

Is there a way to transfer recording to your PC from the external drive you are using with Tablo. This would be helpful for travelling and such but when I connected the hard drive from my Tablo to my computer the drive could not even be found.

Unfortunately no.

Bummer… would’ve been nice to not have to stream always but not the end of the world. Very happy otherwise. Thank you!

While you can’t do that directly, there are third party tools that will let you export and convert the recordings to another location (i.e. a USB drive connected to a PC) and you could then take that media with you and play the recordings from it.

Do you have any recommendations for such tools?

You can export recordings from your tablo over the the network. There are #tablo-apps:lg-webos-android-tv-hopefully-more 3rd party apps making it painless.

There are post to do it “the hard way” yourself as well. Not using MS Windows, the drive has a native Linux filesystem, directly accessable, exporting recording via this method is a PITA.

Searching the forum should return many useful answers, vary term maybe.

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Tablo Tools works pretty well and has a nice interface. Here’s the link to the message thread.

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My apologies, I read this as transfer video files from your PC to the Tablo’s external drive, as in using the external HDD for personal storage as well.

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No worries, that is what is essentially what I had in mind but I was not aware of the other options out there to accomplish essentially the same function. Thanks again!

Just downloaded and it looks great! Will have to try it out tonight once I have a test recording and then transition to doing it in batches in the future. Thanks!

Tablo Tools would be my suggestion as well since it appears you are running Windows based on your response.

Tablo tools works very well. I have a “pocket web server” that I transfer files to when I am traveling. Works great.

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