Toshiba Fire Edition TV/3rd Party Controllers

Does anyone have a Toshiba Fire edition TV? If so, do you know of any 3rd party game controllers that work with it? According to Amazon, the Amazon game controller is not compatible with the fire edition TVs; however, the fire edition TVs indicate that game controllers CAN be paired.

I didn’t want to go through the hassle of buying and returning different game controllers just to find one that works, so any help or guidance would be appreciated.


Just make sure it’s (standard) Bluetooth and you’ll be fine. The problem with those Amazon game controllers is that they used Wifi-direct, which was supposed to have been a benefit (latency, etc.), ended up being difficult to continue and maintain (on the production side).

As long as it is (normal) Bluetooth device, you can pair it the same way you would with a remote, in Settings.

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That’s good to know. I had considered getting a Bluetooth remote as well (the remote that came with the TV broke after a few weeks), so we’ve been using the smartphone app and voice commands for awhile now.

Much appreciated!!

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Pick one of these up at Best Buy, its the exact same remote, just $24.99.

If you’ve got a Fire TV device laying around, it will pair with the Toshiba TV as well. Harmony remotes work beautifully with that (I’ve got a few).

I had looked at that, but was ultimately holding off since the smartphone apps work well. I also considered buying a 3rd party remote that has a keyboard. I may wait a bit, I’ll be going out of town next weekend, and then I might be furloughed again (I’m a federal employee and the continuing resolution for the budget expires on the 15th), so my purchasing of any peripherals is being postponed until I know what is going on.

Do you have an Amazon Fire TV or fire edition television? How is it working with the Harmony? After I get new remotes/game controllers, that’s next on my list. I really like the voice automation, personally, but wondered how well it worked with Amazon/Alexa.

I do appreciate all the help! You definitely made me less leery about the 3rd party controllers.

I have a Toshiba Fire Edition TV, one of the first things I did when I bought it, was to get a Sideclick, which I clipped to a standard Fire remote. After they became available at Best Buy, I bought the “Insignia” as a back up. It’s the exact same remote, but with Insignia branding.



Yes, the Harmony universal remotes work perfectly with Toshiba Fire Edition TV (and everything else). My experience with them has been excellent:


Started out the the Harmony 650 and it does everything the Fire TV asks of it. Later replaced it the the Harmony “Ultimate One”, when found on sale.

One last thing. If you ever have an emergency, where you break or lose your remote, you can go into settings and set the ability to turn your TV on when you engage your Bluray player, Roku, or any other device you have hooked up through an HDMI port.

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