Tivo -> Tablo migration document?

Hi, I bought my first Tablo 4th gen today, and so far I am very impressed. I am soon going to retired a Tivo Roamio OTA. We’ve been a Tivo family for more than 20 years.

I have two questions:

  1. Is there a document to help migration from tivo to tablo?

  2. I bought a two tuner tablo. What if there are more than 2 shows that you asked to record? It does not seem that as a user, I can rank the shows that I want to record. Or, can I?

Thanks in advance for any help given.

For topic item 2, check out this thread (including Tablo’s comment):

What do you mean? It’s going to be a different UI than what you are used to on the Roamio, but most of the basic functionality is there so just go in and set up your series recordings, etc.

One example is setting the relative priority of recordings (i.e. my #2 question).

Another example is using the Amazon Fire TV Stick, it does not seem possible to mimic the fine control and feedback of slow to fast rewind and fast forward. This part of the tablo UI is very primitive, and a migration document with tips and tricks might steer me toward an acceptable REW/FF solution that is closer to the tivo experience. As is, the tably honestly has very low quality that IMHO is unacceptable. I guess I can contact support on this perhaps?

Honestly, the apps aren’t all feature parity at the moment so your experience is likely going to differ a bit depending on the playback device (i.e. Fire TV stick vs Roku vs Apple TV).