How to Manage Recording Conflicts on Tablo 4th Gen

I can’t find anywhere in the app, whether on my phone or Roku, to show recording conflicts or allow me to prioritize recordings. Am I at the mercy of the app to decide what recording I actually care about most?

The best you can do about recording conflicts is note the time and date that they will occur, then track them down through the guide. Yes, it’s a pain. :-/.

As for how Tablo decides recording priority, it’s whatever you scheduled first. For those that you don’t care about very much, I would go into your Scheduled recordings and unschedule, then re-schedule in order to lower them on that list. (the list we can’t physically see…)


We are working on adding conflict identification and management screens to all the apps to make this much easier.


I’d like to suggest making future Tablos with 4 or more tuners standard.
I would have bought the 4 tuner gen 4, but it’s not on Amazon.
4 tuners are nice, but the current 50% price differential is a little stiff.

I wish it was the opposite way - that what you selected last is top priority.

I set up multiple season recordings of re-run shows so someone in the house can watch a random episode when they want to watch something. Then it’s Sunday morning and I want to record an NFL game that occurs that afternoon. Obviously, I prioritize the thing I just set up more than the older recordings. Apparently, I have to cancel the older season recording to resolve the conflict, and then add it back.

Of course, the ideal is a conflict resolution screen like the Tivo has, which it sounds like is in the works.

$99 for 2 tuner versus $139 4 tuner, price is steep?.

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It’s much more fun to do it my way:

buy a 2-tuner, fall in love
buy a second 2-tuner
buy a 4-tuner right at day 15 of #2 so I can’t return it

But yes, I would have picked up ONLY a 4-tuner had it been available right away. It suits my needs 90% of the time (except for whatever is going on with this last fw update). I have to agree that the $40 addition to add 2-tuners is fair. You’re getting a total of 8 tuners.

BTW, I gave #2 to my mom and set it up so she could watch/record local.

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I don’t understand; buy a 4 tuner and get 8 tuners?

Each device has the same amount of “virtual” tuners, which allow you to record your FAST stations. So:

  • 2-tuner = 2 OTA, 2 FAST (4 recordings at once)
  • 4-tuner = 4 OTA, 4 FAST (8 recordings at once)

I apologize for any confusion.

Thank you.
I only record from OTA. Seems to me with my 2 tuner I can record and/or watch live a total of 2 OTA broadcasts simultaneously.
It would be a total of 4 with a 4 tuner model.
One tuner is needed for one OTA recording or one OTA live viewing, at a time.
I can always watch a recording since that does not involve a tuner.
Did I get that right?

You certainly do!

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As for the price of the 4 tuner: I bought a Tablo 2 tuner and by the time I figured out I’d like to have the extra tuners, it was too late to return it to AZ and if I recall correctly, Best Buy exclusively was selling the 4 tuner for 149. That was too much for me, plus I was having some learning pains with the 2 tuner and wanted to get to know it better before buying another.
In hindsight 139 is not too high.
Funny I had literally not done any OTA recording since the VCR days, and I bought the Tablo only because it would let me relocate my indoor antenna to a better spot, without moving the TV. I read about the internal drive, but it was weeks before I bothered to use it. Then my wife asked if there was a way to record Jeopardy so she could see it more often, and the rest is history. I quickly found out that 2 tuners are sometimes not enough.
FWIW I suggested to Tablo in another thread that in the next gen, they should just bite the bullet and make 4 tuners (or more) standard.

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The 2 turner works fine for me (so far)… But IF the 4 turner was out at $139 on the official site, I would have gotten that for sure, during that time frame.