Time to step it up Tablo

New from Plex…


No thanks, that requires a Plex Pass. I’ll just use “Tablo Ripper” to my “MCEbuddy” folder, (cuts all commercials) then that to my Plex “TV 2 folder” (TV1 is torrents ;). )

This way I get the same functionally out of my Tablo, actually better because commercial cut, without the PlexPass monthly cost.


The Plex DVR retains the 5.1 DD audio though, you’ll get your AC3 audio. So it may be something you want to consider.

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It does? In that case, maybe I should ditch Tablo…and leave a negative review for it on amazon for it stating “low volume, bad re-muxed 2.0 audio.”

Maybe we’ll miss you. :worried:

Knock yourself out.

It would be a honest negative review. “low volume, bad re-muxed 2.0 audio, no AC3/DD5.1 support”

Sounds like a fair review do you think?

I’m curious about Plex DVR. I don’t think it does live tv, it only records and lets you watch it after the fact. That’s what I heard anyway. If it’s true it sort of limits it’s usefulness.

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Neither does Tablo really :stuck_out_tongue:

I usually watch Live TV on the actual tv, since it is completely unwatchable through Tablo.

The HD Homerun has apps for several platforms that let you watch Live TV as well.

I’ll be purchasing a Homerun unit in the not so distant future to test this out as I am already a PlexPass member and have a Plex Server running on my NAS. So the investment should be pretty low really. Will see where this leads, who knows there may be a two tuner Tablo for sale soon.


Sounds quite fair, and I’m looking forward to reading it.
You mentioning it in this forum, sounds like a threat, though.

Other than Plex, there is also something call WatchAir coming soon. Target ship date is October 2016. watchairtv.com

[quote=“luker, post:10, topic:8797”]
Neither does Tablo really :stuck_out_tongue:

I usually watch Live TV on the actual tv, since it is completely unwatchable through Tablo.
[/quote]Thats a matter of opinion. I have never once been tempted to connect the antenna coax direct to any of our TVs. The way Tablo handles live TV is perfectly fine for my family.

Yes, its a different way of navigating, but not a negative for us. I can see how it would be for some though.

I treat Tablo similar to how I do Netflix, Amazon and Hulu… If I see a show I want to watch on Netflix, I click on the show, wait 5 seconds or so for the show to buffer and start playing (longer for some of the lesser quality apps such as Crackle or Tubi) .

If I see a show (channel) on Tablo I want to watch, I click on the show and wait 5 seconds or so for the show to start playing.

The customer experience is the same.

I have my coax straight to my TV as well but have barely used it (the tuner I mean) since the ATV app was launched.

I can live with the wait time to tune into a channel and the payoff to have everything I need on one tv input, one device and best of all only one remote (the ATV) is a no brainer for me.

I might use my TV tuner when I’m recording 2 shows and have no tuner available to watch something else though!

Except that delay is longer on every platform I have tried, even on the powerful Shield TV. I thought the official statement from Tablo is that it takes AT LEAST 12 seconds to finish the initial buffering, with most people taking 12-15 seconds. Whenever I start Netflix or Hulu, it takes no more than 3 seconds to start watching, because they can intelligently scale in quality based on your bandwidth and the amount buffered.

I have never sat and timed it but I think the comparison varies based on many other factors.

I will admit, the first time I WAKE UP the Tablo (or more specifically the HDD) in the morning, it does take a few extra seconds to get going.

For us, the rest of the day, its on par with Netflix and the like, as said before, for us, the lesser apps / channels actually take LONGER than Tablo.

But then again, our internet is not all that fast at only 10mb/ s and a family of 4 using it. Its all relative really, for someone with 50mb internet, the difference will be greater and a lot more obvious.

With all of that said, for us I wouldn’t care if Tablo took even a few more seconds.

To each their own though.

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Can you let me know if it does in fact retain the AC3 / 5.1 audio like people mentioned?

Will do. Searching for HD Homerun now, hard to get in Canada apparently.

The answer is yes it does, with three video options on the HDHomerun Connect.

  • .ts native file
  • remux to MKV container
  • transcode to h264 format

All three retain the AC3 audio. The last option requires a LOT of CPU to transcode and I may look for an HDHomerun Extend to deal with this as my Plex server is a NAS.

Actually it retains ALL audio streams. I’ve got two recordings with multiple audio streams, one has AC3 and Stereo, the other has English AC3 and French AC3.