Thumbnails on recorded shows

I use a Roku 3 with my Tablo. I love the thumbnails on the recorded shows, makes fast forward so much easier. The problem I am having is randomly some shows have thumbnails and some do not. Is anyone else having this issue? I have tried re-booting my Tablo and my Roku and still have this issue. 

Yes this is a known issue they are working on to help make it better. Some shows apparently have issues. Frustrating once you have gotten used to it :wink:

Strangely, the show that it happened to today has not had it happen before. Weird. I hope it is fixed soon!

Yes, they said it was from issues with the recording and I said the recording looked fine to me. And it is random.

Just adding my voice to this.  I too have have random shows not generate thumbnails with no rhyme or reason.  Seems to be about 1-2 out of every 10 shows or so.

Guys - when you see this happen, please make note of which show it is as well as the date/time and send a ticket to support. That way we can investigate. 

@TabloTV the response I received before was you guys were aware of the issue and working on a way to make the process better, was I misled???

@Jestep - Yes, we are working on it but the more info we have the better.

Is there a timeout on how long Tablo waits to create thumbnails if a tuner is unavailable? I haven’t paid a lot of attention to this, but have had a few programs for which thumbnails were not created. With my 4 tuner Tablo, I sometimes record as many as 3 programs simultaneously, and possibly watch live tv on the 4th tuner.

Does Tablo wait a certain length of time for a tuner to become available, and then give up? In the future, I’ll pay closer attention and see if I can spot a pattern.

I also see the occasional recording where thumbnails are not created - ever - for that particular recording. I haven’t done a real analysis, but it is only one show in a bunch (maybe 1 in 20) that this happens with. Doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to when it happens, just random.

I’ve seen this as well on my 4 tuner. I will keep an eye out and let @TabloTV know when it happens.

Sometimes if there are errors in the data stream of the show (blips in reception) the creation of thumbnails will fail.

Please do keep us posted when/where you see this happen but this is likely the result.

@lkahhan - There is no ‘timeout’.

If a thumbnail fails for any reason (e.g. errors in data stream), is it possible to provide users with an option to run a recording through the thumbnail generating process - provide some control to the users to generate or regenerate tumbnails?

@jdoe - Unfortunately since the issue is invariably a problem with the recording itself, and not the thumbnail process, putting it through the process again isn’t likely to resolve the issue.

Sort of like putting a Lada through a carwash. It’s still a Lada when it comes out the other side.

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I had to look that one up. Did they sell those cars in Canada, because I don’t recall ever hearing about in the US. It sounds a lot like a Yugo. :red_car:

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They did for a while in the 90s. Very much Yugo-esque. Plus, we likely got extra exposure due to watching international hockey.

@TabloTV @TabloSupport Posting here as well…

I am using Roku streaming stick with a hard wired Tablo and I am experiencing the same issue. Thumnails are generated and half way and then go dark. The preview square is there, but no image. Also recordings get corrupted sometimes and is a new issue. Problem is now showing up across all recordings.

Have you confirmed this is ONLY an ATV issue? Will the fix apply to only ATV users as I am not one as explained above. Thanks.

This is a different issue when seen on ROKU: Tablo Stalling out when fast forwarding a recorded program

Is this a Roku problem exclusively?

I use Fire TV boxes (2nd gen) & what I have noticed is that if I begin to watch a show before it is finished recording then there are no thumbnails, but I do not believe I have ever had a lack of thumbnails on any show once the recording is complete.