Thumbnail gaps in my recordings

I have noticed recently (perhaps since the latest software update) that I am getting missing thumbnail pictures in my recorded shows. Yes, most of the thumbnails are there with a picture but then a section comes along that has six or more thumbnails with missing pictures. And then the good ones reappear. Anyone know why this is happening?

@Derek_Gardiner What device are you using? Does it always happen in the same location if you exit the recording and play it back?

Same for me every since the last firmware update on Roku.

It’s those Roku wankers making a bloody mess of things again.

I have a two channel Tablo. On your second question I have found that if you close down the recording and open it a second time, all the blank thumbnails have disappeared to be replaced by ones with pictures.

You can find a forum thread on this for Roku going back to the OS 8 update.

I should have added that I am using a Roku 3.

I’ve got this same problem using a Roku Streaming Stick