Roku fast forwarding problem - Longmire

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I was sitting here watching tv with my Roku when I started experiencing a fast forwading problem on my Roku 3, firmware 8.0.0. The thumbnails started going blank after fast forwarding for a few seconds. I started to make a comment on the Tablo Community page, when it dawned on me that I was watching Longmire on Netflix and not recorded on Tablo.

I have had simular problems on my Roku 2 while watching record programs but not on the Roku 3, while watching recorded video on the Tablo. I have several problems with fast forwarding on the Roku 2 but my only problem with the fast forwarding on the Roku 3 has been when fast forwarding a show that is still recording.

I’ve had similar problems watching a show that’s in the process of being recorded, Apple TV 4. Tablo seems to lose its place between the two and sometimes it gets stuck on a spot several minutes earlier and I have to get out of the recording and watch it live but then back it up.

On Tablo this is freqent now, the problem with the Longmire vanishing fast forward frames happened in the Netflix app on my Roku. On the Netflix app, it could have been an unrelated slow down at Netflix but it was simular to
what is occuring on the Tablo app.

In the Roku tablo app, if the thumbnails go blank, I stop the fast forwarding and restart it. The next thumbnails fill in for awhile.

Interesting, same thing happened to me today watching some football. Had to reboot tablo to get out of it.

I see this too on my Roku stick, mate, on version 8. You don’t have to reboot your Tablo, just exit out of playing the recording and start again. Yet another bodge up of a release from Roku.

I both love and hate it when @JohnLuther breaks out the Brit slang. Love the slang, hate the usual reason why (cursing ROKU).

Here’s the good news… We’ve collected data on the misbehaving ROKUs which has led our dev team to two potential issues with the ROKU OS 8.

They’re cranking on some workarounds which we’ll test internally and then with beta.

Stay tuned!

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Thanks for drawing my attention to this topic. There are lots of messages dated Nov 2017 with one from Tablo saying they were fixing the problem. I expect they did but it still seems to me that this problem reappeared with the latest Tablo release.

There are 2 similar FF/RW problems.

Here’s the similarity.
FF/RW to a preview thumbnail, but pressing OK, or Play buttons doesn’t do anything.

Here’s the difference…

In one case, move to a different preview thumbnail, and pressing OK, or Play buttons resumes playback.
This one has existed for at least 3 years on the Roku Tablo app.

In the other case, nothing will play for the next few minutes no matter what you do.
This began with Roku OS v8.0, and was fixed with Tablo firmware v2.2.18.

Thanks for your response. I have not had either of these problems. Just the blank thumbnails which are not harmful but not useful either. As mentioned earlier by me (and others), closing the recording and reopening it fills in all the blank thumbnails.

Ah, the blank preview thumbnails began with Roku OS v8.0, and Tablo Support said it was a memory problem with the Roku.