This next build brings major changes

The Tablo folks have a new blog talking about what this next release is going to bring.

I’ll let you all read it (has good pictures of the interfaces), but the support for any size hard drive, bulk delete, syncing in the background (so no wait when connecting to a client), and FF previews for FireTv/Android will be huge. I also assume the FireTv stuttering problem will be gone as well.

There are still plenty of features to implement in the future, but this could be the biggest firmware release since the Tablo was first available. I am excited.


Support for any size HD is great, but I hope the changes allow a larger variety of HD brands/models to be used with Tablo (unless the HD incompatibility is a hardware issue).

I would think the new OS would fix all the hard drive issues, but we will wait and see.

I’ve already ordered and received my 5TB drive.

It should indeed let us work with MOST hard drives. You’ll still need to steer clear of those that have frequent disconnect issues, but sector size will no longer be a problem.

For those who are antsy, this is the 5TB drive we’ve been testing in house and it seems to be doing quite well:


Background sync is fantastic news! Having to wait for the guide and recordings list to slowly populate on EVERY load is my wife’s biggest problem with the Roku (preview) app. Can’t wait to show her this!

Not 100% sure, but I think the background sync improvement is more for mobile devices. My guess is that the Roku Preview App recordings list will still populate slowly.

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With the Bulk delete addition, will we be able to select/check individual and or several episodes as well?

@mastewman, I would really doubt it. It looks like the Tablo folks added a new menu at the season level, and that is all. If you just want to delete certain episodes, you would still likely do it one by one.

Thanks… Oh well, getting closer to practical functionality…

When do I get it? I’m in the second group of beta testers for this one. I need to delete a bunch of NBC News recordings. I hope there is an option to keep the last 2 and delete the rest or some way to mark them then mass delete.

@beastman - Batch 1 just got the build yesterday afternoon. We’ll give it to them for a few days to ensure its behaving as planned then have the 2nd batch of beta testers (ie you) join in.

Since this is such a big change we want to make sure it’s rock solid before pushing live to all customers.

You can check out the delete options here:

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@beastman, it looks like you will either have to delete all your news recordings or delete all your watched news recordings.

I like the bulk delete a LOT. Saves a great deal of time and if I wanna save the most recent recording merely click protect, delete all, go back and unprotect. Doing all that is still fewer mouse clicks than the old way.

Bulk delete of 43 NBC News gave a unresponsive script error. I clicked continue and ended up having to close Firefox tab

How soon will this build be “pushed live to all customers”?

I doubt they will give a date. Probably just say “When it is done”. Finding a single “showstopper” bug can change everything.

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I’m in the second tier of beta testers and just got the web access yesterday. I STILL do NOT have it on the Roku or an Android Apk (though using the browser on the phone does work).

Mass delete is nice, but there are still some issues to work out.

I didn’t purchase a hard drive yet. I’m hoping I’ll have the cash this month to buy the Tablo w/antenna & the hard drive. So it’s too soon to buy a HD bigger than 2 TB…

Just looking at that drive and Amazon says there is a newer version:

There is a newer model of this item:
Seagate Expansion 5TB Desktop External Hard Drive USB 3.0 (STEB5000100)