The Orville premiered Sunday Sept 10th

Did anyone (besides me) catch the premiere of The Orville Sunday night?

I was looking forward to it. They put all the best jokes in the ads/previews but it was still funny. A few too many pee jokes (I hope that doesn’t become a trend).

Nice surprise at the end.

What did you all think?

I was a little disappointed.

Can’t really put my finger on why except that I had unrealistically high hopes…

I agree, they had the best parts in the ads so that didn’t help.

I still enjoyed it, Will still watch it for the foreseeable future and optimistic it will improve as it progresses.

I enjoyed the show but didn’t really find it funny. I found the jokes to be “dated”. I guess I was hoping from something a little more like Galaxy Quest.

Same here. I’d read some high level reviews of the first few episodes saying it wasn’t as blindly goofy as Galaxy Quest but not anywhere near as serious as Star Trek. I wish it would have been a little more ‘stupid funny’ like I view Last Man On Earth but we’ll see what the upcoming episodes bring.

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Like most episodic science fiction, it will probably take a while to find it’s place. I hope it’s given the chance. It could be a nice contract with the space-drama of The Expanse and Dark Matter.

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Watched it last night and like it!

Anyone catch the cast member that is a Star Trek alum?

Brent Spiner ?

Nope… The robot dude might sound like him, but it’s not.

Think DS9…

Well, I found one, but I had to cheat and use imdb, so I recuse myself …

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The seat belt scene was the best of the episode.

Overall I found it entertaining. I was not putting too high of expectations going in but found it very watchable. I’ll give it a chance until the inevitable Fox cancellation.

The second episode is coming this Sunday (Sept 17th), I believe.

It should be interesting to see how funny it is when most of the funny scenes haven’t been seen before.

That one made me laugh out loud. And it wasn’t in the promos.

When an NFL football game ran long, the latest Orville episode ran into the next two half-hour time slots, which I scheduled to record.

Now if there was only a way to “glue” the three separate program schedules into one after the fact, instead of having to jump between three different program names.

Considering this could happen again, it would be nice if Tablo programmers could come up with a way to extend playback of a program to include the next recording on the same channel in the succeeding time slot.

Maybe make this a menu choice, to have a recording seek out and play the next recording on the same channel in the next time slot automatically. You could always stop the media player once the desired program ends and simply not watch the appended programming.

I don’t know if/when the good folks at Tablo will be able to do that for us but in the mean time, we are able to extract videos from the Tablo using several tools that members of this forum have made. Most video editing software can then be used to merge the files. The only down side is, I don’t believe there is a way to put it back on the Tablo.

I really enjoyed the 2nd episode. I won’t say much for fear of giving out spoilers.

Agreed. I actually felt like that episode was closer to an actual Star Trek episode with some additional humor thrown in. Interesting how much my feelings changed from first week to second week.

At least it is moving days so no sports interruptions next week. Ended up having to catch ep. 2 on Hulu.

After watching the 3rd episode (Yesterday, Thursday September 21st) I have to say I really like this show. I hope it sticks around for many years.

I love the show as well. Compared to Star Trek, which disappointed me (too dark, too much fighting, hard to understand the dialog)

I also found the dialog confusing at times. I chalk it up to all the production problems they had getting this Star Trek off the ground. I never judge a sci-fi show by it’s premiere. I give it at least 4 episodes.

I actually had a similar feeling about the premiere of the Orville, although that was more because almost all the jokes were in the commercials for it. But the 2nd and 3rd episodes of Orville made me fan.

3rd Orville episode was very well done rolling in the current day gender topic. And I really like how they work in interactions that you’d expect a crew to have in any normal situation.

Unfortunately for me, the only way I can give STD (someone should have figured the acronym was a problem!) a chance is to buy all access, but I won’t given what I’ve seen. Going to stick with Orville for now.