The Orville premiered Sunday Sept 10th


The Orville has a lot of star trek pedigree in its DNA just go look out on the wikipedia page, its loaded with well known former star trek producers, actors and directors / story writers… so the people working on it behind the scenes KNOW CLASSIC TREK… They also know good sci fi tv.

btw I am a fan, ep3 sealed the deal for me taking on a topical modern social issues in the wrappings of a sci fi story couldn’t be any more original Roddenberry Trek if it tried…

seriously … go look and check out the people behind it …


Without spoilers:

I thoroughly loved the zoo episode. It had me laughing and did the classic Trek thing of pointing out how our society might do something better

Bit of a spoiler below here…

Wow, the episode ‘Krill’ showed a dark side to this series when I look back on it. Killing everyone on the ship (except the school teacher and kids) was pretty evil when you think about it.


I’m probably not supposed to reply to my own post but yesterday’s reality TV episode of The Orville was hilarious. Were they spoofing the entire early 21st century or just that episode of Doctor Who, “Bad Wolf”?


To each his own, I’m still not loving it. I guess my issue is that I’m not a huge comedy fan in general. At least not over the top and/or crude comedies and in some cases, the Orville is more over the top than I expected.

Take this last episode (Minor Spoiler Alert)…

It does qualify as my favorite episode thus far and it reminded me a LOT of one of my favorite sci-fi shows from yester-year- Sliders…

But what he did to the statue, was just over the top. Maybe I’m a prude, but I just don’t find that funny.

Had the episode played out exactly as it was except the main issue sparking the outrage was more along the lines of the hat issue with Alara, then it would have been everything I had hoped it would be.

Just one persons opinion though, I still like it enough to “Tablo” it, but I don’t rush to watch it right after it airs anymore.


I like it even though they kinda copied the Black Mirror episode on social media. I just noticed that their zoo episode is like a Twilight Zone episode.

I’m not buying into ST Di$covery.



I don’t know if it is a coincidence or not, but one could abbreviate Star Trek Discovery as “STD”…