The Elephant in the room: Tablo Dual Lite

Great product but unfinished - the “do not return to the store” insert is the giveaway - shame on you.
Please improve the guidance for the new cord cutters… otherwise it will be limited to geeks.

We did the Tablo Dual lite install today. Overall satisfaction: 5/10. Ease of connecting: poor. Ease of config: ok. Ease of use: great.

It took four attempts to get the device to connect: first pass: fail to connect, second pass: download new firmware, third pass: corrupt response on connecting, forth pass: connected: we could finally config the box. I was ready to throw the box out of the window… (and the comments on the community board were very discouraging).

… but we persevered… and once connected the service was very easy to configure (except for the cloud DVR and local disk storage options… I guess I will discover how these play together on day two. Our config is Terk UHF antenna -> Tablo -> wifi -> airport router -> ethernet -> apple TV 3 -> HDMI -> TV.

The install is poor, the instructions are poor, the service is great… for those that make it out of the tunnel.

The Tablo Dual Lite is not “limited to geeks like you”. I bought my first Tablo practically by accident, had not even heard of it prior to walking into the store that night. I didn’t even know what “OTA’” meant. Within 30 minutes of arriving home, I was running and recording on it … and I know practically nothing about everything.

I even had to log into these forums to ask if I needed to disconnect Tablo after I was done with it that night (and between uses). That’s how limited my knowledge was. Like me, there are others, all over the country who have found this much less of a mystery. Look at this girl:

She bought it, she plugged it in and used it. And (like me), the girl in this video is not exactly a rocket scientist. For many people like us, this is not a challenge, has not been problematic. I’ve been running this on Roku, Fire TV, Android TV box, Channel Master Stream + and Sling Air TV player, without so much as a hiccup. I haven’t even been back behind the cabinet where it sits for over three months.


The biggest issue I see is the VAST sea of network configurations possible. It’s amazing to me that they don’t have more issues than they do.

My guess is that is the reason for the insert.

P.S. you may not be happy trying to deliver video over WiFi

Thanks… maybe it was just the firmware update that triggered my difficulties…

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I’ve seen a lot of those inserts and stickers lately. They want people to contact support if they have any issues rather than go back to the store or immediately return the item.

When working with a lot of different pieces (tablo, antenna, network, roku/apple/fire, etc…), it’s hard to anticipate all the issues. There is a fine line between being concise and providing too much information.

I have a Tablo Dual hooked up wired (and used the cloud storage for a while), with no issues at all.

Over Black Friday, I bought one for my good friend and hooked it up wirelessly. It found the network and connected correctly. It’s a pretty nice device.

Thanks for the comments. Once I got it connected it was great… but it took 15 minutes and multiple attempts to get my phone to connect to the tablo (and I have lots of these kind of ‘connect to the device wifi to configure’ boxes). Maybe it was the firmware update… maybe it was the comments about other people having difficulties on the community board and maybe it was that the Tablo troubleshooting comment had only been seen by 5 people, and 0 of them thought the answer was worth a “like”. I now know better, and will send a detailed email to their support team to help see if my difficulties could have been avoided.

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