'Tested' Hard Drives


That’s precisely why I asked.

I just received Tablo as a gift and know absolutely nothing about any of this DVR stuff.


Anyone using the new WD 3TB?


Ii have purchased it, formatted, but I am having troubles moving my recordings over, so I can’t test yet. I’ll report back if/when I get my recordings moved.


I receive a txt that my tablo arrived so i went ahead and ordered the wd 3tb drive i hope it works great.


Ty, i am up and running so far is working great.

Is there anyway to tell when the HD is not working right?


I think my problem was Windows 10… I’m copying over files right now on a Windows 7 machine (just in case I got a bad drive) and I’ll let you know if it works.


BRAND: Western Digital
PRODUCT NAME: WD 3TB Black My Passport Ultra Portable External Hard Drive - USB 3.0
LINK #1: http://www.amazon.com/Black-Passport-Ultra-Portable-External/dp/B00W8XXYN2?ie=UTF8&keywords=western%20digital%20ultra%203tb&qid=1458846711&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1
LINK #2: http://www.ebay.com/itm/291687033162?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
COMMENTS: Bought from ebay at link #2 with a nice $20 off coupon and sale. I migrated all of my data from my old hard drive (after figuring out that Windows 10 doesn’t work and approximately 20 hours) and have recorded new content without issue. I’ve only had it running for a day, but it seems to work.


Just to follow up on what faganm24 said
I also have the same drive
And is been working great so far.
Mine been running for about 3 days.


BRAND: Seagate
SIZE: 320 GB
LINK: http://smile.amazon.com/Seagate-Momentus-5400RPM-Internal-ST9320325AS-Bare/dp/B0027P9CZK?sa-no-redirect=1
COMMENTS: might be a bad enclosure?


BRAND: G-Technology
LINK: http://support.g-technology.com/support/g-drive-mobile-usb

Had to re-start the setup process as documented elsewhere because I did not plug it in when first setting up the box! Hold down the reset button in back until light stops flashing and goes solid, then let it up - drive detected.


I’m a new Tablo User and I was expecting to use the current external hard drive i have for pc backup. (Seagate Backup Plus Desktop Drive that I purchased only a few months back).
tablo is saying I need to reformat it, and that I will loose the data already stored on there. is there a way to still use this harddrive for a pc backup after reformatting it for Tablo?


You want to use it for both at the same time? No can do. The drive attached to the Tablo is dedicated to the Tablo.

If you use it for Tablo then switch to another drive, you could reformat it (again) and use it for backup.


I’d like to unplug it from the Tablo every once in a while and perform a backup of my pc… it sounds like i need to purchase another harddrive however?


Yes, you’ll need another drive.


I learned by experience that once a drive has been used on Tablo, you will need manufacture disk tools to reformat it before it can be used on a PC. I had a 1 TB on Tablo and upgraded to 5 TB. The 1 TB is now on my laptop.


BRAND: Western Digital WD
PRODUCT NAME: My Passport Ultra
LINK: http://store.wdc.com/store/wdus/en_US/pd/ThemeID.8815600/productID.319142700

Got it at Best Buy for under $100


Has anyone used a LaCie Rugged USB with Tablo?


Do you want to backup for future purposes with Tablo? Or to make sure you have the video files for offline use or use on other devices? If it is the latter, then check out this:

It works great for me to rip off of the Tablo to my Plex server. The best thing is you don’t have to disconnect it or disturb the Tablo at all. I also run it through MCEBuddy to remove commercials for movies that I keep.


I have a LaCie Rugged. The Tablo sees it as LaCie Rugged FW USB3 1081 (500 GB)

The USB cable that it came with didn’t work with the Tablo (it’s been abused a bit, so I wasn’t very surprised), but once I swapped that out, it worked perfectly.


Thanks for the reply.