'Tested' Hard Drives


Thanks for sharing your update @Charlie


Matches my existing experience . Prior was out of space 1 TB disk. 5 TB is the way to go now that it’s supported.


Hey snowcat,

Are you still using the Seagate hard-drive model#STDT10000101 and if so any problems you have encountered. I was going to purchase a Western Digital WDBUZG0010BBK but it seems like people are starting to have problems with it.

Thanks for your help


It had no problems at all with it, but with the most recent firmware, I upgraded to a Seagate Backup Plus 4 GB desktop drive for the extra space.


BRAND NAME Oyen Digital
PRODUCT NAME Mobius 5-Bay FireWire 800, eSATA, USB 3.0 RAID Enclosure
SIZE 15 - 30 TB
LINK http://oyendigital.com/hard-drives/store/3R5-EB3-M.html
COMMENTS I have 5 x 2TB Seagate Constellation (ST2000NM0011) drives installed (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822148825) configured in a RAID5. It will sleep / wake up with no issues. Total disk space after format is 7.94TB.


8 TB for the Tablo? That’s cra’y. But I’m jealous lol


Has anyone purchased the new 5TB Seagate? Model STEB5000100. Results?


This sounds like what I got. I’ve had much better luck with it.


Sorry if this has been posted before, but I wanted to share my experience because I nearly gave up before solving my problem.

Tonight my hard drive “died.” In the middle of playing back a recording, everything just stopped, and Tablo showed “No Hard Drive Detected.” After the usual troubleshooting steps (Tablo Reset, plug Hard drive into my computer then plug back into Tablo, etc.), no luck. However, the hard drive light came on, so I knew it wasn’t hopeless.

I noticed that even when plugged into my computer, the external hard drive did not show up in Windows Explorer. This was unusual. However, the drive DID appear in the Windows Device Manager, so I knew the drive was alive, but crippled.

After exhausting all the steps in the Seagate external drive troubleshooter, it suggested repartitioning the drive, but gave no guidance on how to do that.

I downloaded Paragon Partition Manager (free) and deleted and recreated the partition.

WARNING: If you use this program, make sure you are partitioning your external USB drive, NOT your computer’s hard drive. Oh man…

Even after recreating the partition, the drive would not show up in Windows Explorer, but it now showed up in Windows Disk Management. Progress!

In there, I right-clicked on the drive, and was able to assign it a Drive letter (“Add drive letter” option). WALLAH! Now it was showing up in Windows.

In Windows, I formatted the drive with FAT32 file system.

Reconnected to Tablo, and now it recognized the drive, and asked me to format it. After Tablo formatting, I’m back in business. Yes, all my recordings are gone, but I consider it a small price to pay after a couple hours of thinking for sure I was going to have to buy a new hard drive.

I have no idea why this happened after a year of pretty reliable use from the drive, but I’m glad I figured out the fix. Hope this helps somebody who thinks their hard drive is dead.

Jay R

PS The above references a Seagate BackupPlus 1TB drive.


There’s a very very very good chance you have bad sectors on your drive. Just saying… (or perhaps a sporadic circuit board issue on the drive). You may have recovered, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the problem or worse didn’t happen again.


I had the same drive on my Tablo and after David from Tablo checked it out it was a bad drive. Just returned it to Costco and everything has been great since. ( Only worked for about 4 mths)


Really? What to do then? Will running ChkDsk /r on the computer hide the bad sectors and extend the life of my drive?

Or should I just bite the bullet and replace it now before it causes me more grief?

Jay R.


That is great advice – Costco’s “no questions asked” return policy is legendary. If I do end up replacing my drive, I’ll go the Costco route.


PRODUCT NAME: Canvio Connect II ( HDTC810XK3A1 )
LINK: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/toshiba-canvio-connect-ii-1tb-usb-3-0-portable-hard-drive-black/2243046.p?id=1219535315343&skuId=2243046
COMMENTS: Drive was ‘seen’ during initial tablo setup step, ‘format’ operation began, but tablo then reported ‘no hdd connected’ Drive was removed, reformatted as NTFS and tablo setup restarted, drive again not being recognized by Tablo. Pay particular attention to this part number. Apparently previous Canvio Connect drives were ‘good’ This specific model didn’t work for me.


Hmm. Got mine about year ago. Been working like a charm (Yeah I know, it should be working like a hard drive)


@TabloTV I would be interested about this as well.


I’ve had mine for over a month, and zero issues connected to my Tablo 4. Runs a bit hot and requires external power, but nothing out of the ordinary.


I’ve also been using this drive since the end of October - has been perfect so far. I don’t actually think it runs hot at all, but everyone’s setup is different.
Got it for $107, so happy all around.


BRAND NAME Western Digital (HDD) and Vantec (Enclosure)
PRODUCT NAME WD20EVDS (HDD) and NexStar CX NST-300S2-BK (Enclosure)
LINK http://amzn.com/B002G1YPPW (Hard drive) and http://amzn.com/B0015LURY2 (Enclosure)
COMMENTS This model Western Digital drive is specifically made for DVRs. I currently have about 500GB of recordings, HDD/Enclosure has been running on the Tablo for a couple weeks without issues. Both the HDD and enclosure were purchased five years ago - just stuff I had laying around going unused.


Costco has this Seagate 5TB Backup Plus External Hard Drive Model STDT5000600 for $139. But it will be on sale in a month or two. I think this is the new version of the STE5000100? Has anyone hooked this one up to find out if it works with Tablo??