TCL Roku enabled TV

Does anyone have experience with this (Or other) built in Roku TVs?  I like to keep all my tablo devices on ethernet to avoid any problems, but that wouldn’t be possible if I get a TV with Roku built in as they only have WiFi.  It’s a large gamble to make, so I’m hoping someone has one to give some feedback.

There is a USB Ethernet dongle for their TVs.

Thanks for the tip.  That led me to a Roku forum where I found that they consider this a compatible device (For anyone else who may be interested in this thread).

would love to hear how it works out for you.  one of these may be the key to achieving WAF for the cable cut.

I’m going ahead and ordering this today.

Amazon is price matching Walmart down to $498 which is a heck of a deal for a 55" 1080p 120hz with built in Roku/

Please let us know how it works out.  It looks like a really nice TV with Roku built-in which I’m interested in.  Having 1 remote would be a plus.

I'll keep everyone updated.  As an FYI, I'm ordering these things with it...

@jbansk25, let us know how it is.  I don’t think these TVs come with a Roku 3 capable device, but something more like the “stick”… so you won’t get the wizbang Netflix i/f (for example)…  IMHO, the best reason to get such a device is that you are out of power outlets and don’t want to expand on that.  To me the advantage of keeping the “smarts” out of the TV is more flexibility when it comes to choices.  But I’m still curious to know how it works out (e.g. if the LCD panel is any good, etc.).

@cjcox I would never consider a “smart” tv if it wasn’t Roku that was doing the smarts.  My reason for choosing this particular TV is because I am migrating my living room tv from sitting in a armoire to over the fireplace.  Over the fireplace means hiding cords and components.  With this solution I’m taking one thing to hide out of the equation, so should be easier.

As for the Netflix thing, I have an older generation of Roku, and a 3, as well as Fire TV, and Fire stick, and I couldn’t tell you what if anything was different about any of them.  :)

Actually, I pulled up some pictures, and now I remember the UI differences…  The TCL video shows the newer UI, but that could easily be a mistake.  I’ll be interested to find out.

@jbanks25 perhaps Netflix updated to allow the slower Rokus to have the fancy i/f.  I can’t really say.  I know it “was” true that the new i/f was just on Roku 3 at one time.

There are lots of solutions for hiding cords, cables and devices for a wall mounted TV.    Depending upon the distance required, you could fish an HDMI cable or HDMI and IR can be sent over Cat5/6 using HDBaseT devices or inexpensive options from Monoprice.  

Before we had the Fire TV Stick, for our wall mounted TV in the Den, the Fire TV box was actually in the basement sitting next to the Tablo.

Looks like the search crosses both guide and streaming on the TV… which might be nice (but would love to know for sure).  That suggests that there is a licensed guide??  Actually, that doesn’t sound possible… so I’ll say I’m mistaken for now.  Obviously it is possible if the markets were limited for the device.

I don’t think I’ll get into HDbaseT until there is more of a consumer movement toward it.  I would love to see a consumer tv powered by HDbaseT, but I can’t see it ever being more than a niche.  Plus when it comes down to it, I can always punch holes in my walls…  The other reason is that the old TV was 40" and that would get lost over the fireplace.  Hence the 55"

I checked, and my old Roku 2xs still ahs older netflix UI.  Now I am completely curious what the new TV will have.  If I was Mr. Roku and I was debuting a new smart tv solution, I know what I would want to have happen.  :)  I guess we get to see if they had the stroke with Netflix to get it handled.

Unfortunately the TV is big enough to qualify for amazon’s concierge delivery (and there is no way to waive it), so nobody is going to know the answer until next Friday…  Boo

:slight_smile: oh well.

I too am curious.  The stuff on the Internet is very confused… can’t really know for sure.  The problem I have is if it does have the new Netflix i/f (and some really, really hate it btw)… makes me wonder why it hasn’t been made to work with the Roku’s less than 3.

It’s so unlike the internet not to have it’s facts straight.  LOL!

Only briefly scanned the “Roku TV” thread here, but…beware of one thing with the 32" model…

I understand the larger screens don’t have this issue.

If you’re a purist when it comes to adjusting your own set’s color, tint, contrast, backlight, etc…the 32" $188 model has NONE of those features, not even in a hidden menu! The only thing you can adjust is BRIGHTNESS. 

I had the set for a night, couldn’t believe the lack of controls and returned it. The ROKU portion did immediately show the Tablo app, and as I recall, there weren’t issues on my wifi setup with that, but the picture was “average” and did not allow users to adjust more than brightness, which was done in STEPS, not continuous…all presets!

Just a heads up! GREAT TV for bedroom, extra set, guestroom, places you won’t ever care if you don’t adjust the picture yourself…but…most people will, at some time want to.

A TV without basic controls. I’ve seen it all.

Gotta lose something to get down to $188! 

We’ve got a Roku TV on order for CES. Can’t wait to set it up in our booth. 

Agreed…not sure what I’d “remove” other than that…but it sure seemed odd!