Tablo Works On One Firestick, But Not On Second

I can get my Tablo to work on one of my firesticks, but the second firestick cant connect the app?

It won’t connect to my router.


Now it’s stopped working on both firesticks. This has only started happening since my free guide ran out. Now I have nothing but trouble with the Tablo app. It seems to have a mind of its own.
I’ve rebuilt one firestick, but it still seems to shut down the internet to both firesticks.

If it was working with a subscription, you might have inadvertently been using Tablo Connect. Are you sure your firesticks are on your main Wifi LAN? Not on a guest wifi?

And what do you mean “It won’t connect to my router.”? The Tablo won’t or the firestick won’t? Is your Tablo on Wifi or ethernet?

It is totally WiFi and you maybe correct about trying to use Tablo Connect. Is there a difference?

What happens is it won’t start and it seems to kill the ability for my firestick to connect to the internet. It sees the Wifi, but won’t connect.

I have two firesticks.

The only way I can get the firestick to connect is to restart my modem, router and let the firestick unplug for a while.

Highly recommended to use Ethernet to connect the Tablo to the router if there’s any way to do so.

You need to configure the Tablo to connect to your router over Wifi (if not using Ethernet). You should NOT be using the Tablo’s wifi network.

Not possible, but thanx. It is configured for wifi.

So can you describe your problem in a little more detail? The statement “it won’t start” above is ambiguous and I’m not sure what device or app you’re referring to.

I read an article that the problem might be the DNS I put on my router. It didnt recognize the firestick, so I could see the internet, but I couldn’t connect.

The old DNS was, I’m trying,

Let you know if the problem continues.

Open to suggestions.

Also try,,

Those are Google and Cloudflare, as I recall. No idea who the 76… are.

The old was OpenDNS and this is Control D. I like to change my DNS often, It confuses the trackers.

Dont know if I can post a url for DNS, so delete if necessary.

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