Tablo App and Firestick Conflict

After talking with my ISP and Netgear, I’m convinced there is a conflict between Firestick 4K and the Tablo app. As long as, I dont start the Tablo app I have no problems with the internet and my Firestick.

Please see Tablo Works On One Firestick, But Not On Second - #10 by Nickm

This is a continuation of that thread.

Tablo needs to look at this and feel free to contact me, because I’ve spent hours trying to figure this out!

I suggest you checkout Mouse Toggle as a possible culprit?

Given that thousands of Tablo customers are successfully using their Tablo connected via Firestick devices, it seems unlikely that there is some significant systemic issue with the Tablo.

In your previous post about this issue, you wrote “I like to change my DNS often, It confuses the trackers.” It might just be that the changing of DNS is also confusing the integrity of your local network.

In you many hours of effort, did you simplify your network and stop using your third-party approach to DNS and strip the local network to have your Netgear router control the DNS via DHCP?

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I have two Firestick 4k’s and one Tablo. Originally I intended to cut the cable, so to speak, and subscribe to Tablo’s service, but when my TV provider gave me an extra large discount for a year, I signed back on.

A few facts: I didnt have any internet problems, until my demo month ran out. Could there be problem caused by the Tablo calling home?

I can only seem to have one Firestick powered at a time.

It is virtually impossible to get the Tablo app to work on my very good Minix U22.

I seem to have a problem with the Mouse Toggle program running on the Firestick that is up.

Once the problem starts, my internet on the Firestick is intermittent at best, but all other internet attached equipment works just fine. The Firestick still can usually see the internet signal, but I still have no internet. My basic internet speed is over 300
I’ve tried changing the DNS on my new router. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. Dont think using IP for DNS makes a difference, but need more time with that.

If I restart the modem, router and Firestick, I’m back to normal internet for awhile.

I have 6 different Amazon FireTV devices (FireStick4K, FireStick4K-Max and FireTV Cube), and they all connect to the Tablo without any issues. I also have 6 different Roku devices, and they all connect without issues. Not to mention tablets (both Android & iPad), phones and computers. They all work without any issues.

You stated that you have wifi signal on the device, but no internet - I would think something on the Firestick is causing problems - possibly an app that is running in the background?

Do you subscribe to Tablo’s service?

I have the lifetime subscription on two Tablo DVRs for guide services.

May you live long and prosper.

Note, my problems began after my free month ended.