Tablo with Roku a lot of pausing and stuttering

Lately my Roku app seems be stuttering quite often. I exit the tablo app and it seems to be ok for a few minutes than starts back…I have tried restarting the table and the roku with limited long term success. Is anyone else seeing this?

Are your roku and Tablo both wireless?

No, everything wired on gigabit…

“Lately” may not be coincidental. With the heat wave that has hit most of the US, antenna reception can drop by 20-30%. Stations that were solid may become marginal. A Tablo stutters (i.e. rebuffers transmission or LPWs) when a signal break occurs no matter how momentary. Two of my stations are 100% at night but drop to 70-80% in the afternoon (between 1 and 4 PM) when the temperature soars to 96 degrees.

If you also have trees in the way leaves are at their fullest right now. That impacts reception. Then by September (and on into the fall) reception picks up. There are ways to compensate for the summer regarding OTA…

That could be my problem. It is very hot and humid here.

My experience in the past few years is that it is not only the heat but the humidity that affects reception. I live in the southeast and the higher the humidity, the worse the reception gets. When humidity reaches 60 to 80%, combined with heat above 86 degrees, reception falls drastically. Humidity dampens leaves and rooftops and the moisture affects RF signals.

What can overcome such factors is a combination of antennas, position and preamps. Testing signals in the autumn and winter misleads people as to what will occur in spring and summer. So if one bought a Tablo in December for Christmas, reception and performance would have been great. One expects that level of performance to be steady throughout the year…then along rolls spring and then summer…

Which is why I schedule recordings when possible in the evening and during the night when signals are strongest. PBS for instance typically airs programs three times - in prime time and then at midnight and 3 AM. I tend to record the after midnight versions. Exactly the time when heat\humidity are at their weakest.

It’s too bad that major networks don’t do like PBS and run programs twice - at prime time and during the night. Instead we get infomercial crap. Sub-channels on the other hand will repeat a show several times during the day and during a month.

I agree about the heat factor but at least reception picks up from September to May - the prime programming season. During the summer we tend to focus on streaming packages and OTA come the fall.

If you don’t have an amplifier, try that with your antenna. I didn’t need one in winter but when summer came and my signals took a nose dive, I got one and reception is stable now.

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Are you using latest Tablo update?

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What kind of AMP is recommended?

If the antenna signal is not redistributed through a splitter:

Winegard LNA-100
Winegard LNA-200 (Home Depot)
Kitztech 200

If the antenna signal is redistributed through a splitter (replacement for splitter):

Channel Master CM-3414

BTW what type of antenna do you have and where is it placed? Are you close to the broadcast towers or far? Are the stations in one direction or scattered about?

I have this antenna on my old direttv mast.

I have also tried this one but it seemed to not do well.
I am about 20 miles from the signals. All of them are on one mountain here. It looks like my signal errors may have been caused by a HD. I unplugged shut, shut down and tried a different hard drive on my dock and so far all seems to be working. No signal errors, no hard drive not detected errors and no skipping. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I am using a gemeni brand amp now. Honestly it seems to work the same with or without it

Amps have a NF (noise figure). Cheap amps have a high noise figure which doesn’t help a signal (in fact they may even degrade it). I have never heard of a “gemeni” amp for TV antennas - the ones recommended above are all high quality standard antenna RF amplifiers.

At 20 miles from the broadcast towers outdoors you don’t need an amp unless there is obstruction in the way that mitigates the signal. Your antenna is adequate. Was your DirecTV mast pointed at the broadcast towers? A DirecTV mast is usually pointed at the DirecTV satellites at an azimuth (angle and direction) quite different from the terrestrial broadcast towers.

The mast is on the backside of my roof. The pitch of the roof is between the antenna and the signal. I have the antenna mast pointed at the towers. I only used the directv pole with the dish removed so I could turn my antenna in any direction.

Does the antenna have a clear line of sight to the broadcast towers or does the pitch of the roof intrude on that line? Roof shingles can have metallic particles that could cause the signal to skip off the roof.

The tip of the roof would be in the way of a direct line.

Could you add a small pipe or even PVC to the DirecTV mast just to raise the antenna a foot or two higher?