Tablo Windows App crashes upon connecting; Also can't connect to through webapp

Hi All,

No matter what browser I use, I can not connect to my tablo through the web app and the windows app crashes immediately upon trying to connect.

I am easily able to access tablo everywhere else however (phones, roku, ipad). Any idea’s what maybe preventing my computer from connecting?

Tablo is wired into the same router my PC is wired into.

I don’t know what browser you’re using with Windows, but if the web interface ( works through your phone’s browser but not the browser in Windows then I’d suspect problems in the Windows browser.

In Windows try clearing the cache (forget Or try (install) a different browser (Firefox, Chrome).

Also check the Windows Firewall settings (try disabling temporarily).

Thanks for the reply.

As stated, no browsers work. The webapp fails to connect on any device. Only installed apps on Roku, Tablo App on iOS, and my iPad app work.

WebApp and Windows App fail completely with the windows app crashing upon connecting.

Any error messages displayed in the browser(s), or is the Tablo just not found? (maybe post a screenshot?)

And just to verify - you are going to go to the URL, correct?

I am going yes. All I get is an infinite connecting after selecting my Tablo box. It’s like the web app sees the box but just doesn’t want to connect.

I also just reinstalled windows 10 for the hell of it. Same issues are persisting. Just restarted my Tablo as well. Wondering why the webapp just fails for all of my devices and windows app just crashes on every laptop pc I have.

@jtgorospe90 Do you happen to have a VPN on your computer?

I do not have a VPN

That’d do it. That basically tells your Tablo that your computer isn’t on the same network and therefore it can’t find it.

Either he edited his post after you replied or you misread it.

He said he does NOT have a VPN.

D’oh. It’s been a long week!

Still it sounds like there’s something funky going on with the networking. A call to support might be able to get it straightened out: Tablo Support | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo

I get that, team effort. :wink:

Im wondering if Tablo doesn’t play nice over Mesh Wi-Fi for PC or Webapp only?

As long as the two devices (Tablo and PC for example) can see it other on the network shouldn’t really matter if your WiFi is or is not mesh. It’s more how the devices are configured and whether they can see it other on the network.

Does Tablo connect need to be enabled for WebApp use? Planning to reach out to support tomorrow but figured I would ask

I don’t believe so. There are some troubleshooting steps here. It does depend on which browser. Some are not supported. I have good results with Firefox.

I was having the same issue. Once I enabled remote access and added the two port forwarding rule on my router. Everything started working on my web browser (Google Chrome). You can get your IP address and the port numbers from the Settings menu on your portable device (Andriod or IOS device).

Yeah I need to contact support since my port forwarding steps on this Verizon router have more than what is provided :frowning:

Tablo Connect enabled the port forwards through UPnP apparently but still having this issue where I can’t connect to webapp, the PC Tablo app or remotely

Update: I got the ports configured in a non-UPnP setting since it kept erasing. Something FIOS is doing I am assuming. So now I can connect to my Tablo anywhere with cellular data… but I still can connect to my tablo through the Web App on my PC…