Tablo: What could be done better?

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Actually I’ve found the whole #feature-requests almost pointless, if nothing more than a place to vent. Sort the category on “Top” I’m not sure how this is rated, however - How many of the top rated topics have ever, ever dating back years have ever been implemented?

More specifically, how marketable are any of these? When you read OTA DVR reviews are the hard 'n true operations covered. Generally they cover cost, storage, ease of use, more cost. Some mention UI, but until you really dig in… “typical consumers” have short attentions spans (no, I don’t have any specs or references at this time).

Nuvyyo’s business model seems to have a fairly easy to use device across multiple devices - home use, by the general public, with minimal to no technical knowledge… they just want it “to work”. So many of these “advanced” ideas and suggestions are beyond the scope of the product. It’s not marketable. It’s too confusing.

Feature Request — a place to vent about your tablo issues:

Excellent, now keep it on topic. It’s not a complaint session it’s a hey we like it but what could be a bit better without going crazy.

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Since “What could be done better” is highly subjective, I don’t think even summoning deities and demons will produce one set of answers.

It may not result in any answers that fit into Tablo’s business plan or R&D budget.

Absolutely correct and that applies to all products on the market today. It however is amazing what engineers can pull out of their hats if enough people want something. It also gives them food for thought on future products. Feature requests should also go with Polls to find out how important an item is to the community. As you point out this is no guarantee it’s going to happen nor should anyone get upset if it doesn’t. Ask and you Might receive is the concept.

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…it was just an answer to a challenge.

That’s somewhat irrelevant. Managers need to answer to shareholders or venture capitalists. What’s the investment (including time) and how much is the pay off… “People want what we tell them they want” - marketing.

This is one of the reasons why we do semi-annual customer surveys.

If it’s a thing that will make watching OTA TV better with Tablo, it’s a fit. The bigger questions are whether it’s possible within the current product architecture, what the effort involved in making the feature work would be, and whether it would incur ongoing costs for things like servers.


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Top 10 All Time #feature-requests topics This is the point I was trying to make… might more as a concept less then a reality :frowning: for valid reasons.

Virtually everyone here already paid for a tablo, there’s no more profit to be made from us. Unless these ideas are something you can advertise to the masses to increase sales…

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Future sales depend on reviews and word of mouth. If another product exists with better features and say better reviews sales of the Tablo will dry up. By making things just that much better it ensures future sales and the very future of those that support the device now. Updates , “bug” fixes and new “features” shouldn’t be looked at with hostility. It’s been kind of the impression I’ve got from this forum as a whole. Don’t mess with our stuff …we like it the way it is…just shut up and mind your own business. I’m not saying any one person has that attitude, just as a whole that’s the impression I’ve got.

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Today’s generation to to google search ota dvr pick the first 3 - 5 results. They’ll buy what they’re told.

There’s there’s the guy who just knows the drive is overheating and mods the case with a fan… that’s no where close to being a typical user/consumer to understanding what numb minds want.

There is so much personal information being minded and analyzed and statistical amalgamated to the point of precision we don’t want to know… what they know. Marketing is a science and poll questions are phrased not to ask what you want, but to get to think this is what you want. A twist of an adverb or adjective can change an entire perspective - is a group a protest or riot. One man’s revolutionists is another’s terrorists. Is a nations being occupied or liberated?

It would be a pretty sad company where it’s product management and developers didn’t have a list features that the competition had that would fit into it’s business plan.

And these lists always exceed the available R&D. But if a feature is already at the top of an internal list and some customers ask for it, it often gets implemented. And then the company takes credit for responding to customers input. And didn’t tablo request more VC R&D funding at the start of the year? It’s not like it’s rolling in the dough.

It;s all about ROI within the constraints of the current budget. We could make X people happy if we implemented this improvement, is a nice thing. We could make X dollars over 3 years if we invest X/5 dollars this year… and guess what, we have X/5 dollars we can spend right now… Woo Hoo!

Nuvyyo is a privately held corporation. There is no disclosure exactly why it was “requested”, nor disclosure about dough rolling for private business.

That’s probably why the all time top ten hasn’t changed, as been stated, it’s a financial thing - that’s how business works, no secret.

If Nuvyyo 's only product is Tablo then R&D becomes all or nothing. They must match the competition and then some.

I guess I have to start the list:

Commercial skip is great, can we please have either more retries or a manual retry button please.

If possible handle weak signals more elegantly, I assume rebooting resolves some kind of tuner lockup or codec lockup or something that for some reason a reboot is required. If this doesn’t happen on all models don’t apply the same solution to all. If possible delay the reboots so other shows can still record without being broken up. BTW, I never have this problem since that CBS 5 issue.

Thumbnails when watching live TV or an unfinished recording would be great if possible in some way. Use an unused tuner or something to look at the partial recording…IDK. Just if possible it would be great.


You mean this funding:

or this

BDC Capital has provided $1 million of mezzanine financing to Nuvyyo , the Ottawa-based maker of digital video recorder brand Tablo .

BDC invested through its growth and transition capital group.

Founded in 2010 by CEO Grant Hall , Nuvyyo developed Tablo to enable users to record and stream over-the-air television programming without a cable subscription.

The company will use the loan’s proceeds as working capital to support growth initiatives, including meeting U.S. demand for Tablo and increasing R&D to generate new products.

So those generalized, boiler plate, buzz words explain things to you? :cool:

please! It was your challenge :smile: But, we still need to define “better

…or a more explicit response - it ain’t gonna work. We have no further explanation at this time, it just isn’t working, sorry for any inconvenience :frowning: -at the least

The CEO specified next generation of products and fund manufacturing supply chain. You don’t use VC to fund supply chain unless other avenues aren’t available.

Thanks to this injection of funds from BDC Capital, we are able to rapidly expand production of Tablo DUAL LITE OTA DVRs to fulfill recent orders from a top-tier consumer electronics retailer to supply 1000-plus stores in the U.S., as well as to continue R&D for the company’s next generation products,” says Grant Hall, CEO of Nuvyyo.

Their success in raising substantial VC funds early on provides convincing validation of the company’s capabilities and technology, and of the importance of the opportunity at hand.”

Short-term stuff strictly based on my current usage and situation…

My top 3 are:

  1. Signal issues on one channel not resulting in a full reboot which stops all other in progress recordings.
  2. Tablo Preview app for Android TV/Fire TV getting the resume issue fixed (I know a beta is hopefully coming soon).
  3. UI consistency between the apps (i.e. Recent and Upcoming filters for all apps).

Otherwise, I’m actually pretty happy with how things are going for me right now.


Having just purchased a Quad and experienced nothing but problems with reboots caused on my local CBS channel I have to say this was the most frustrating thing ever. I was about to just cut my losses and keep DirecTV or find another DVR. It’s like the equivalent of your PC rebooting because the batteries in your cordless mouse are low. It’s as if they just grasped at straws to solve some technical issue caused by weak signals. This is by far the most important thing in my opinion to solve, it just shouldn’t be. I would love to hear how anyone could defend this action (and I’m sure I will).

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