Tablo Web App Transition - Chrome Support for Tablo Ending

Tablo Web App Transition - Chrome Support for Tablo Ending
This notice poped-up today when I accessed from my PC.
Here’s a link from the knowledge base explaining this change. It was published on Thursday, Aug 5th, 2021…

This article primarily focuses on Window users.
Linux users (like me) are suppose to switch over to Firefox where “most” web app features are supported.
Mac users can still continue to use the Safari browser.

Please provide an ‘X’ or some way to clear out the Chrome browser notice.
Now that I’ve read the notice, it’s needlessly taking up space.

Right. Been announced July 26 and discussed, including Linux users

Further clarification to the initial announcement…

While many other Linux user always have :wink:
note: “most” screens and features

Until there’s an official change, you can use the user-script for Tablo here: GitHub - Kravimir/user-scripts: GreaseMonkey/TamperMonkey scripts I've written.

As grateful as any Chrome user would be to have this omitted function. There’s a slight concern, as haphazardly as this seems to have been implemented - being perpetually intrusive and initial announcement suggesting web app was dying" - they may add or change the text and a user might miss something they need to know.

Otherwise that’s a beautiful – consider posting in to #tablo-apps:third-party-apps-plex even though they aren’t actually “apps” it does extent function to tablo’s UI.

Ah yes… I see that this was announced back on July 26th.
But since was titled for Windows and XBox, I just ignored this announcement. I don’t use Windoze nor have an XBox.

For now, to get rid of the notice banner, I go into the Chrome debugger and just delete the banner’s “div” element. I know that not all Chrome users know how to use the debugger, but this works for me.

I like the fact that someone took the time and effort to write a script to clear the banner, but I too am not interested in adding another extension to my browser.

Unless there is some compelling reason to update to Chrome 93 when it’s released, for the time being, I’ll just stick to Chrome 92.

Nuke Anything for Chrome users

Nuke Anything Enhanced for Firefox:

gets rid of any/everything from the context menu or keyboard if there’s a lot. It mostly come in handy for printing (supposedly) but is amazing for all the pointless, annoying and/or useless crap distractions forced upon the world.

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I just loaded …or tried to load tablo in a new Chrome window… it’s not like it doesn’t work!

In a window not disconnected

I can still load the settings tab and everything else!! It’s not crippled beyond use.

I was trying to report a "bug" to DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials it doesn't work with tablo. It's easy enough to disable it... but until a user figures it out they believe their device is broken and trouble shoot in all the wrong directions. Although pointless soon, comparing differences between how FIrefox and Chrome behave.

I run some really old versions of firefox and chrome on one of my systems. I see unsupported browser messages from numerous sites all the time.

Why should tablo be any different? Of course all I get for on both browsers is a blank screen.

NEW - Tablo Windows 10/Xbox App Update (v.1.9.9) says we have until Aug 31, I suppose that’s why tablo should be different - not saying one thing and doing another… oh, ok - now it makes sense.

While the method above works for a single page, as soon as you switch from “Live TV” to “Recordings” or any other page, the notice reappears.

A more permanent (per session) method involves tinkering with the CSS settings.
In the Chrome debugger, select the line that reads:

<div class="win_invalid_version_header">

Goto the CSS window and change

display: block
to read
display: none 

This will prevent the notice banner from appearing as you switch from page to page.

Again I know some people are not comfortable using the Chrome debugger, but for those that like tinkering with the code, this method works for me.

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The big plus for me, there was a time you couldn’t play Amazon (Prime) Video on/with Firefox. So since I had to use Chrome, I had a window open I had a tab for tablo. I can now watch Amazon video’s with Firefox, and tablo, well always worked with Firefox although limited filtered.

Now I don’t really have a need to use the data mining browser. It’s well know Alphabet’s through Google is collecting user data, analytical demographic advertising. Nothing really wrong, that’s what the internet has become. Just don’t want my browser knowing more than I do about me.

Old lazy guy demographic can’t be that important anyhow :wink:

I added a userstyle that can be imported if using something like Stylus: Tablo remove Chrome warning

Had to publish it by saying it works on So, not sure if you can find it easily or not since the actual site is an ephemeral internal thing.

As great as all this is - to get rid of the annoyance, when Chrome blocks cross origin resource sharing - there’s no way around it so isn’t all this “development” just a temporary fix to a permanent problem?

Bingo. Sort of like whipping a dead racehorse. But I only care if it affects

Consensus & Standardization

After a feature ships in Chrome, the values listed here are not guaranteed to be up to date.

Yep it is. Like I’ve said before, unless there is a compelling reason for updating to Chrome 93, I’m holding at Chrome 92.

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As long as you don’t disconnect or some situation where Chrome needs to find your tablo – even though they say it’s until Aug 31, tablo blocks Chrome.

I had been following beta, a version 93 build didn’t work, then another did. Firefox does have some filter pages missing, I don’t find them critical (that’s me) enough to be a Chrome advocate. good luck

@TabloSupport @TabloTV
I’m a bit confused. Please clarify this for me…
When accessing, will the Chrome browser be “un-supported” or “blocked” come the end of the month??

Due to changes coming in Chrome version 93, the Tablo web app running on Chrome 93 and above is blocked from accessing video streams from a Tablo device, even when it’s on the same secure local network. Chrome 93 will begin rollout on August 31st.

This is as a result of Chrome version 93 enforcing a new rule that disallows communication between the browser and local devices on a secure home network that do not use SSL encryption.

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Thank you for your response. I understand the changes coming in Chrome 93.
My question is… If I stay with Chrome 92, will I still be able to access or will it be blocked?

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