Tablo volume is too low

As I understand it, the transcoding is done by the tuner chip. If the chip doesn’t support “amplify a little”, then what can they do? Do you know the chip can do this?

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stumbled upon this…

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there is Low volume from Tablo - 9 and Volume of recordings - 13 but I’m not going to cross eliminate users, we’ll call it whole lots

I’m kind’a sure there are way too numerous amount of users, maybe, with issues, concerns, “demands”, problems, misunderstandings, etc that Nuvyyo refuses to even acknowledge much less do anything about :angry: :exploding_head:

Not sure what you’re saying here. They did acknowledge it in the thread you quoted. My guess is that there isn’t anything they can tweak in the chip firmware, so they’re dodging it now. But it’s certainly not the “simple” fix that @beastman wanted.

I confess to trying to have a bit of fun with the comment that a lot want this fix and they won’t do it - just skim the #feature-requests or #support-troubleshooting and you’ll find everything that is wrong, everything that needs fix - now, and nothing being done about it - supposedly.
Because several have an issue, maybe dozens or more, make it a priority to a corporation… while a substantiation number don’t see it. (not denying the issue, just different priorities)

Sarcasm doesn’t convey well on-line. I prefer outright snarks. :wink:

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My 4200 Roku 3 use to have low volume for tablo, normal for most OTT products, and some OTT products had high volume.

My 4210 and 4660 always had consistent volume across all OTT products including tablo.

A couple of releases ago Roku had a OS update and all my 4200 volume problems were fixed. Or maybe I started doing a better job of trimming all the hair out of my ears.

The Roku forums seem to have a number of posts for volume issues not related to tablo.