Tablo Update 2.2.18 Problem Recording


I opened a new ticket, but reference the old one. The support team logged on and allowed me to upgrade to 2.2.19 to fix the issue. We see the recordings again after the upgrade . Thanks for the quick response!
All looks good.


Looks like the 2.2.19 didn’t resolve the problem from recurring again. The update allowed the prior Day of our Lives recordings to be made viewable, but it didn’t stop it from happening again. Monday my wife went to view the latest episode of “Days”, and the show icon displayed a “1”, but when she went to view her show the message displaying “No Recording” “You can schedule recordings from the Guide Screen” is there again.

Looks like my Tablo still has the recording bug since the 2.2.18 update.

I sent another support email to reopen my problem ticket, and set the Tablo in “blink” mode again so Tablo can hopefully fix it.

My wife isn’t happy at all.


@freeFargoMan Your logs actually helped us find and quash the rest of this bug. A new update is on the way soon (with apologies to your wife).


Ok, I’m not sure what to tell her. Should we expect these recordings to not be view-able until the next beta update, or did a new fix get applied to my Tablo again? Is there a release date planned for this bug fix?

I like the fact we’re helping resolve the bugs, but I don’t like it very much when my wife lets me know when she can’t view her only show she records each day.



We’ve just run the fix from our end and the missing recordings should be viewable now. We sent you an email with the next steps.


I had the “missing recording” problem. Support logged into my Tablo and manually fixed the problem. All missing recordings came back, but I was told not to delete any of my watched programs because a new firmware update (2.2.20) would be coming out shortly.

It is now the middle of May and I have used up 50% of my recording capacity on a 1TByte drive. I have even had to curtail some of my regular recordings (reruns I like to watch) because my of the rapid use of disk space.

Two questions: 1) If I revert to firmware 2.2.16 can I then delete all those old recordings?
2) is there a date in sight for the “fix” in firmware 2.2.20?


I don’t know if your particular fix will be included, but I believe the Tablo firmware v2.2.20 will start rolling out soon.


Can’t come soon enough. 2.2.18 has been a disaster for me.


2.2.20 has JUST begun its rollout and as mentioned previously, includes a fix for this issue:

Thanks for your patience everyone!


I was just looking for this thread to ask if anyone knew if the issue was fixed with 2.2.20. I really didn’t expect to see a reply already from Tablo about it!

I just wanna say I’m AMAZED by the support Tablo provides. I’m so glad I chose to use Tablo when I cut the cord. I recommend it every chance I get to anyone who will listen.

Thanks TabloTV!!


Thanks for the kind words and for the word-of-mouth advertising!


I to, am a retired engineer. (Mechanical). I’ve worked on complex mechanical systems for over 30 years. I’ve had nothing but trouble with my Tablo since I bought it. At this time, I’m also having the trouble of episodes not recording. It worked fine last week. While the Tablo design may be difficult for a high schooler, it shouldn’t be a problem for a degreed engineer. I believe they’re spending a little too much time partying instead of fixing problems with their system.


Have you submitted any support tickets or posted here to get any input from others? I can tell you that I haven’t had any major issues in months since addressing some signal/reception issues that resulted in an antenna upgrade. Once that was addressed it has been smooth sailing for me.


Yes, more than once.
Twice, Tablo recorded a previous episode of a show that I have set to
record every week. The show that aired was the correct one, but Tablo
picked up the week before. I always delete a show after I watch it. I think
Tablo somehow “undeleted” it and marked it as new, and then failed to
record the new one.
I’ve had an issue of Tablo having to be rebooted every day. This was fixed.
I’ve also had an issue with Tablo running very slow. This was improved.
Also, I have asked why it isn’t possible to sort scheduled recordings by
date. This would be much better than showing graphics of all shows you have
scheduled to record. (For some reason, they LOVE all the graphics. (I don’t
think they realize that graphics take more bandwidth than text, which could
be a reason the system is slow.) I missed several episodes of my favorite
shows because for some reason, Tablo skipped a week. Sorting scheduled
shows by date was promised several years ago. It takes forever to go
through all the shows to insure all your shows are scheduled to record. If
shows to be recorded were shown chronologically, in text, it would be easy
to verify what shows were going to record.
I would think, all of these issues, with the possible exception of other
reasons the system may run slowly, are inherent to the basic programming of
the Tablo system. I can understand that the interface between many
different devices could be a challenge, and may be the reason the system
sometimes runs slow, but the other issues should be EASY fixes.


What are you using as your streaming device? Roku does have Recent and Upcoming views that do the chronological sorting you mention and I know it’s coming to Android/Android TV soon. I have to admit, I like seeing dates as well so I’ll be glad when those views are available on all devices.


How long does it take for the roll out?
I am waiting impatiently…


Usually a week to 10 days.


V.20 installed for several days on both of my Tablos, with significant improvements. Big THANK YOU to Tablo for nailing these with no known new issues appearing.

2 remaining problems AFAIK;

-Still not recording Jeopardy despite Scheduled showing future episodes will be recorded. Some episodes are being automatically unscheduled prior to actual recording date / time. Manually rescheduling immediately before actual airing fixes the problem, but what a PITA. Fault suggests that EPA updates may be causing scheduled episodes to become unscheduled but not sure.

-TMobile streaming remote access broken for Tablo, which apparently does not support

Both of the above are well documented issues since V18, February, maybe earlier. Wondering if either has any fix or workaround yet? Thank you!



As the original poster who started this thread in February, I will offer my concluding remarks below:

Four years of ownership of Tablo, combined with huge amounts of wasted time along with hundreds of posts on this and other forums with very little satisfaction have made it perfectly clear. This product is seriously flawed, made much worse by an overly ambitious management decision to add new features and support new platforms rather than deliver solid reliable service. Poor software testing, and very marginal design and coding show up all over the place.

I bought two Tablos, so as to ensure that at least one of them would successfully record the program I want to watch. Tonight, despite programming each Tablo to record “Jeopardy“, my and my wife’s favorite show, neither Tablo recorded the show. One unit is running version .16 firmware, the other running version .18. Given the continuing frustration, I have recently replaced, without any improvements whatsoever, Western Digital Elements disk drives (twice) along with new power adapters, which also made no improvement.

I have deliberately avoided posting here after each of my frustrating experiences, since I am tired of unproductive complaining, and highly doubt it will make a difference.

After four years, I can only respond to the latest .20 announcement with extreme skepticism. I have yet to see a single firmware update which merely fix things without breaking others. My current plan is to consider this post to be my last. I have been doing home video recording since 1969, just about 50 years (starting with the Sony half inch reel to reel deck), along with over the air TV for 60 years or longer, and I have never wasted so many hours dealing with such an unreliable product. Enough !!


You must have changed your mind…again. :grinning:


The latest update, version .20, made a huge difference. My recordings are no longer being broken into fragments, I no longer heve stuck phantom icons which cannot be deleted, and with only one exception, every show I schedule for recording actually gets recorded. Moreover, I am not seeing “connection“, “Loading“, or other annoying messages. And the timeline scrubbing actually works right, without stalling, or losing its place. These are significant, truly improved, functions. As an added bonus, shows which had not displayed on any of my Roku, AppleTV, Nexus, or iOS players, magically reappeared after the update, recordings made in April finally showing up for the first time 4-7 weeks later after the recording dates.

I have indeed changed my mind again, and give Tablo a lot of credit for getting this upgrade/update right. I have yet to find any new problems, the first update in nearly 4 years of suffering updates which always managed to break something which previously worked.

I have a love hate relationship with this product, and fully admit it. I have never owned a product which goes from bad to good to bad to good like this one… I have never seen Tablo perform as well or as consistently as it now performs. Bravo to the Tablo team. And thanks from all of us who have tried to keep the faith over the last few years.