Tablo Update 2.2.18 Problem Recording



I have 2 antennas feeding my Tablo 4 Now… yagi directional with a preamp and a multidirectional with amp included.

I played around with many antenna schemes tweaking for quite awhile.

I do like this special antenna idea though.

I would specifically use it with one of my HDHomerun tuners to pull in the one channel

Will investigate further.




When I first realized that I needed an antenna specifically customized for a particular frequency, I got my inspiration from this site:

Too expensive to buy a custom manufactured antenna. I built one specifically for my FOX frequency using the dimensions for whisker length and spacing suggested by this site from materials I could get cheaply at Home Depot. It worked quite well because that station went from a 17 SNR (marginal) to 25 (stable and useful). That really got me thinking about the phenomenon of frequency resonance for antennas.

Since I didn’t want to overdrive all the other frequencies, I got a preamp from Jan Jenca specifically for that frequency:

All the other stations are on a different antenna\preamp. Joined the lot with a Jenca channel custom combiner:

Altogether came out to about $100 to be able to get FOX reliably and stably.

OK, over and out @RetiredEngineer, back to the “Tablo Update 2.2.18 Problem Recording” issue and good luck…



Great - thanks for the links



This topic took a few turns since I last checked in :slight_smile:

Just wanted to update on the recording issue. A few days after Tablo support accessed my logs and posted their message here acknowledging the issue, Jeopardy began recording again on Sat 3/3. It missed Monday 3/5, but has recorded every episode since thru yesterday Sat 3/10. I notified support accordingly.

It still shows I have many more previous recordings that I can’t access, but things are moving in the right direction. Thankfully I also have a streaming service with their cloud DVR so I was able to access those recordings there. We really prefer Tablo’s DVR functionality tho, much easier and accurate to fast forward thru commercials and such.

Also, never thanked @SophieCat for her deletion clarification - thank you!


My wife’s recordings have been working since Tablo support logged in also. The recorded shows counter isn’t correct, but at least the shows that did record are now listed and available to watch. My wife also seems happier towards Tablo now.

Last I heard from Tablo support was they didn’t apply a fix, but it does seem like they did something to get our DVR working better.



We’re working on testing a solution for this issue now, and we’re hopeful that we’ll be able roll this out soon. As soon as we’re ready, we’ll contact you via your support ticket to process the changes.


I’ve had the same situation with Good Morning America not recording and showing a “blank”/white block in the recent recordings or in the “All” recordings view, it says that there are no recordings. I rebooted my Tablo, and it recorded yesterday, but this morning’s segment went back to the white block/no recording label.


@misdiva, sounds like you have the same issue I reported. I’d get a support ticket created ASAP to get it cleaned up.


Same problem here. I have three “blanks” in my Recent Recordings, and a show listed… but with no episodes on the thumbnail.


I have recording showing that they are scheduled to record but the time comes and goes and no recording. Looks like 2.2.18 is a problem.


I am experiencing the same problem with shows randomly not recording on my 4 tuner Tablo. How uninstall version 2.2.18 and reinstall version 2.2.16



Thanks for your help. Hopefully this will solve the problem.


Hey all,

We managed to narrow down this problem, and we have a fix available now. We’ll be including this in our next update (coming soon, no dates yet).

But for those of you that see an airing counter in the ‘Recordings’ screen - but are unable to access the actual series or episode - give our team a shout.

We can set up remote access and apply the update to solve the issue so that you don’t have to wait for the update.


If I already contacted support, will they apply the fix, or do I need to contact them again?


We’re reaching you to folks we’ve already heard from proactively, but sending us a note to us won’t hurt your reply time.


I just received an email from Tablo support saying they applied the fix to my Tablo. Hopefully things will go back to the usual, reliable ways.


Looks like the update Tablo support applied today worked. All of the “missing recordings” are now there. The recorded counter number on the thumbnails are now correct too. :slightly_smiling_face:


Crap, the problem came back. My wife’s “Days” isn’t showing up again. The recordings icon show 1 episode recorded, but when you go to view the recording, a message displays stating “No Recording” “You can schedule recordings from the Guide Screen”.

My prior ticket was 42580. I have the tablo in blink mode again waiting for support.:frowning_face:


Definitely reply to your ticket to re-open it with our support team so that this goes into our queue!