Tablo unstable tonight

Weeks and tablo was good. Now tablo is missing on my home network and the same scan the code bullshit again. Anyone else having this.

I’ve been having connectivity problems for the last few days. Tablo keeps dropping out several times during the day. Now it’s been out since 10pm and it’s not 5:20am. Gonna put it into maint mode and contact support.

Just to confirm… load up inSSIDer on your laptop. Run it to confirm you got decent wireless signal in that area.

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Yep, connectivity to the router is fast, great signal, nothing changed in home system for weeks. Then boom, tablo not found please scan the code to set up. Something fishy w tablo. Im really gunshy about tearing inti my system again after tablo released an update that fixed the missing guide data after weeks of telling us it was our fault.

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I know the Tablo was kinda slow this weekend. The home page and guide data was kinda sluggish.

Still slow. Yet! No admission on the tablo site.

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I think it’s still Sunday in Canada.

I had a similar issue this morning. I opened a ticket with support, but their responses make me think they didn’t even read the information I provided about the issue.

@TabloTV is usually on here posting by 8a CDT, but today, not a single post. What a terrible day to be off when there are so many persistent issues from the weekend!

May 20 is Victoria Day, which appears to be a national holiday.

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Mine too. Tablo for sale. I’m over it. Constant problems and either a refusal to address issues or complete and utter incompetence on the part of @TabloTV and @TabloSupport. I’m a techie and an electronics engineer and this is probably the worst product execution I have seen in my 34 year career. I keep thinking they will get it eventually but apparently I am giving them too much credit.

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How the f can all of canada tablo take a day off? Even in the US there is always a time and a halfer or double timwmer that stays on duty.

Is this sarcasm?

It’s a federal holiday for them.

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Do you work? There is always someone on call or on duty to take care of things. Even on holidays.

Who are you expecting to get in contact with? TabloTV doesn’t log in on the weekends, why would they bother on a holiday?

Does the US have any tech support hours on our federal holidays? “Hi, I know it’s the 4th of July, but my vacuum won’t turn on…”

Someone from Tablo “responded” to my ticket yesterday. Perhaps it was a bot, because the responses completely ignored the information and questions I put in the ticket.

@racer Ok, boomer! I do work and when it’s a federal holiday… the whole company is off. Just cuz you worked for a crappy company that didn’t give you whole holidays off doesnt mean we all want to work like that. I worked for a major network vendor and they even gave us holidays off and told their customers tough tiddy, we will be back tomorrow.

@Topher I’m sure that was a bot or a offshore tech support dude who just gathers/documents tickets and hands them off when the full time tech clock back in.

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Could’ve been that “someone on call” bare-bones team, just forwarding things to whomever will receive them in the coming days.

@racer – Regardless, there seems to be something wrong with the way the 4th gen Tablos are operating. Maybe some small network issue that’s messing everything up, IDK. You have every right to be pissed off. I have had 50+ failed FAST recordings over this past week and I’m at my wit’s end!

I do agree that there needs to be a better system to maintain their product on the weekends and on holidays. This has been a problem for months. But unless there was an emergency like the entire Tablo network going down, I can’t imagine them bringing in someone higher to try to fix it.


I run a national company and regardless of federal holidays there is always someone on call to answer questions or provide service. Tablo is a service that millions (?) use from different countries and it’s buggy as crap so there should be someone on call to address service related issues. Yes on call folks get paid more for their time on holidays but that’s what you do when you have an international company. It’s not a holiday in US is it?

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Might be why the country, US, is in shitty shape right now because work ethic has been eroded by millennials who think the world owes them a job. Tablo isn’t the only game in town albeit it is the cheapest, which sometimes shows, but continue with service like this and, given the difficulty of setting this up on some in home networks, migration to a different platform or, OMG, a competitor comes out and does their product better might be the best outcome.