Tablo unstable tonight

thank you for a voice of reason.

That may be your company. The national “service” company I work for has contracts with specified support hours. They can always send an email or leave a voicemail but our Help Desk isn’t staffed 24 hours a day and mostly definitely isn’t staffed on holidays.

Sure, if our IT admins are alerted something has happened and a Production environment has gone down and is unavailable, I’m one of the people on the call list that is going to be getting a call regardless of what day it is.


Let’s be real here. I assume the countries you are talking about are really no more than the US, Mexico, Canada, South Korea and Trinidad & Tabago, which account for really the only countries that use ATSC 1.0. A global company Tablo is not. Sure, there are people recognizing the benefits of OTA, but the overall “ocean” of current potential OTA customers isn’t really that large.

I will agree with you though that if another company comes up with a better product, particularly for ATSC 3.0, Tablo may become more and more irrelevant if the 4th gen launch is any indication.


I believe a total of about 200,000 total Tablo’s have been sold. Not millions and not internationally. They were a Canadian based company until bought by Scripps. In my years dealing with them, they always seemed like a very small company.


Well, shit, 200,000 units. Now I understand why it’s chunky.

Most businesses seem to be moving out of OTA. Amazon tested the waters and did not find it to be worth pursing as they stated most of their customers just prefer streaming and aren’t interested in OTA. It’s a shrinking market for those interested in OTA.

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Most of those units are NOT the 4th gen Tablo that seems to be having the most issues/limitations. Those of us with “legacy” (i.e. non-4th gen) Tablo units are for the most part pretty happy with their stability and performance I think.

My concerns aren’t their past stability and behavior, it’s the current and future. The overwhelming number of current issues appear to be isolated to the 4th gen units, which are the units announced since they were acquired by Scripps.

So what exactly do you mean by chunky?


So, tonight. No guide data. Cant watch ota without it.

That’s frustrating, but what do you mean you can watch OTA without it?


Without a live guide grid, there is no station name/ID/number to click on to start a live viewing.

I have not run into an issue recently where NONE of the guide loaded, but over the weekend I did have a hell of a time getting it to load fully. Things have seemed much more stable today, though.

Edit: This was on Android and FireOS – I did not pull out a Roku to see how it was affected.

My 4th gen Tablo suddenly reverted to “token invalid” and won’t connect. I try to reconnect and it no longer recognizes my password. Try to reset my password, doesn’t recognize my email that I used to register. Did the entire network crap the bed?

Sorry, typo on my part, meant can’t.

As @269587 mentioned I was going to suggest clicking on the main station info as a workaround but if you weren’t even seeing that, guess that’s not really a workaround.