Tablo Tools Network Clarification

Need some thoughts on no tablo was found on your network. (Tablo Tools)
UM22.04 using Tablo Tools appimage.
First I have laptop that connects via WiFi to a WiFi hotspot (with no wired connections available).
Tablo Quad HDMI connects to same hotspot via WiFi.

Laptop has Ethernet port for connecting to a router with connections.
Thus if I buy a WiFi router with ports and plug in Laptop and Tablo they would both be on same network?
Also considered a USB - WiFi adapter.
Still researching if this might be possible too.

Any other ideas as not looking to download / offload a large number of shows.

Under View have you tried Toggle Developer Tools? That might provide more details as to what exact issue you are encountering.

Hi @Nilex thank you for your reply. Tried and does nothing but I don’t think I explained the issue correctly. The Tablo App correctly shows do not have a network connection.
My laptop connects to a wireless hotspot with no physical connections to the internet. The Tablo connects to the same hotspot and is able to call home for guide data and other things but is not connected to the laptop aka network connection. (Edit: Hotspot shows 2 devices connected and if I add my phone it would be 3 but none are connected to each other) Thus my thought of another hotspot with wired connections and then when both are plugged in would then be on the same network. The USB WiFi was wrong, it should have been USB Ethernet adapter. Still researching this option also.

You probably want to post over in the official Tablo Tools post…

@mendy It’s fairly common for hotspots to not allows devices to see each other on the network by default. You may want to check your hotspots settings. There is usually an option you can set to allow them to talk to each other.


Hi was offline a bit.

I had read that topic start to finish before and that is how I stumbled onto the tool and it’s availability as appimage. It discusses the intro of the tool, various issues, freezes, exporting, lost recordings and other issues and intro of new versions.
Thank you for suggestion but don’t feel it is correct place as my fault for not clearly describing issue properly. Laptop connects via hotspot (1 connection) and Tablo connects to hotspot (2nd different connection) and Tablo Tools is working correctly in stating that it does not see Tablo on laptop as it is on a separate connection and not talking to laptop. Thank you again suggestions are welcome.

Looking into that have manual did not see obvious setting (new hotspot and just installing spent over hour till we figured out they shipped with new sim card and system was still on original sim, they changed and worked fine. Will be calling them now with better description of issue)
Also used up guide data and will explore handling and get back after a bit
RE: No Internet

This device - HDMI - will not connect to any device not explicitly noted in the list of devices it will stream.

At one time, it was noted it worked with Tablo Ripper, but that was very early days. Since there have been many “complaints” it not working with anything not listed in the external streaming devices.