Tablo Tools - Bulk Export/Delete on Win/Mac/Linux

I can get 2 simultaneous stream, sequentially, until all are complete. The setting allows up to 4 simultaneous.

I have surround enabled. I still get stereo but one program exports as AC3 and the other as AAC LC. I have already read that page about surround sound. Still not sure if that is 5.1 AAC LC for the surround or standard AC3 since you said it converts it. Do some rippers then convert it back to AC3? I forget if it is Tablo Tools or TabloRipper. I think it is the latter that does AC3.

When Surround Sound is enabled in the Tablo, it is streamed/recorded/saved using AC3.
(note: I’m unsure if the broadcast has to support Surround Sound, so it’s possible you end up with either AAC or AC3 when SS is enabled)

Here’s a reddit thread talking about why/when AAC or AC3 should be used in something like a Tablo. Tablo did it right from a bandwidth usage/usability stance.

TabloTools doesn’t do any transcoding when you export recordings.

We ran into this before and I have an issue open for it, though no immediate fix.

That essentially boils down an AC3 codec not being distributed/easily available in most/all browsers (or wasn’t a year ago). I partly bring this up since it’s possible - though not likely - that Tablo skirted the codec issue that would have affected absolutely everyone trying to use even their own Web app to play videos by using AAC and thus supporting almost everyone (assuming few have SS enabled). That’s pure conjecture.

Kudos to you, @jesse for this excellent tool. I used it again last night to offload four seasons of “Taxi” from my Tablo to my Plex server, to make way for the Olympics :slight_smile:

The only thing I miss is commercial skip.


Hi, I’m trying to use this tool to export a long (~4 hours) OTA recording from my Tablo, but it only exports about half of it before completing with no error. That is, all looks successful, but the final product is only a little more than 2 hours. Is there a way to get it to export all of it? I’ve dug around the forums but haven’t been able to find any posts with this specific issue. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks for the great tool!

I haven’t heard of or seen that happening. My two initial guess are things that probably would be obvious - running out of disk space (an error I know isn’t properly handled) or the recording actually only being 2 hours even though the scheduled event was 4 hours, though the UI usually makes that painfully clear.

Thanks for your response. I used another tool and received the same result, with many invalid timestamp type messages. So I assumed that my Tablo corrupted the metadata somehow and abandoned the project as lost (since other posts about those error messages suggested no recovery).

So if anyone has recordings for the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies… :wink:

Looks great! I only had one problem. Since the app is not signed, I had to enable dev mode. Then it still would not install, so I had to go to settings and turn off windows defender. After that it installed. How much to get it where you can sign the app? It would make it easier to install.

Tablo Tools - Bulk Export/Delete on Win/Mac/Linux

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Why Aren’t They Signed?

Both Windows and MacOS require their respective installer packages to be signed in order to have a nice, peaceful, security warning free experience. MacOS goes a step further and prevents auto-updating even after allowing you to install.


The problem, at least in the context of an open source side project like this, is that the signing certificates required (1 each) run at least $100 USD per year per certificate.


M$ has changed Windows. You can not click through security warnings. You MUST turn off Windows Defender. You may or may not need developer mode too. When I googled it said developer mode but that didn’t fix it so I looked at settings and turned off Windows Defender. After installing I restored the settings to what they were

I was only referencing “How much to get it where you can sign the app?”
Maybe what you really want is to open an issue

  • Need a Donate “button” for collection so Tablo Tool can be signed for those needing Windows and Mac installations. & maybe a general purpose donate button :thinking:.

I believe proprietary vendors initially do this to *protected" users, turns into a profit stream, and there is less protecting and more who can pay.

I have OTA2GO installed on Android tablet. That was easy to install. Just select unknown sources. Damn Microsoft wants a new revenue stream and makes it difficult to install unsigned programs. I managed to do it, but used to be a programmer. Person with no computer experience might not.

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I just installed Tablo Tools on Windows. Installed fine. When I run the program it tells me I don’t have a network connection. But I do. Computer and Tablo are all on same network.

Any suggestions?

EDIT: Well, after about 12 times opening and closing app it finally connected.

Can I use this to copy my current data and then put it in a larger internal hard drive in my Tablo? My 2TB drive is almost full. I want to swap out the current drive for a new drive with more space and not sacrifice my recordings.

NO. This is to export the streaming format to an MP4 so you cam play it via media player on your [media] PC/laptop. You can not “put them back”/

Although not officially supported there are several posting where users have moved recording to another drive. It’s more involved - allow tablo to format new drive, connect both to computer (capable of access an ext4 filesystem) and copy files over.

Another option is to look into CloneZilla Live, where you boot from an USB and “clone” your drives (it’s not truly clone since they are different sizes). You have to choose an option to “grow” grow the filesystem.

One note, none of these methods shoulc harm the files or your current drive — give it a try.

I export shows and then recode them to H265 to save space. When I do this I keep the exact filename but change the format to mkv.

Is there any way that the export duplicate detection can be made to ignore the filetype (mp4 vs mkv) from the duplicate fileame test?

Can I specify the ffmpeg parms for the export to directly export to H-265 or another format?
Jim Shipman

If I release a new version, I will certainly keep these requests in mind.

One more request… Please add partially watched to the “watched” filter. I’m not sure how readily available this information is but I know you can determine it from comparing the length of the recording to the playback position. Great Tool by the way, I use it quite often.

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Compatibility with Mac osx 12? M1 chip?

I should be able to build that, but have not yet tried. I’m supposed to get an update out, so if I get it built I’ll let you know so you can try it out.