Tablo takes up to 3 mins to load, or goes to Setup Screen

Some evenings, Tablo can take up to 3 mins to load, if ever. Last Saturday night, it was taking a long time to load and ended up bringing up the setup screen.

What’s causing this and how can I avoid it? Tablo experiencing load issues?

@TabloEngineering @TabloSupport ??

@Buzz56 , what Tablo app are you using: iPhone/iPad, Roku, Android TV, Apple TV (beta), or something else?

Also, what Tablo device do you own? A new 4th-gen, or an older one?

Roku, 4th gen, 4 tuner. This issue seems to happen in the evenings while (I assume) there is higher demand on Tablo services.

@TabloSupport , any feedback/known issues with this?

Just to confirm, you have good wireless signal at / between your Tablo and Roku.

Download inSSIDer on your laptop and confirm you have good signal below -70.

I have a 2 tuner Gen 4 with 7 Roku Devices. I do not have this problem. Not saying it’s not slow during the loading up screen. It takes about a minute to load.

Could you tell us what (if any) steps you’ve taken to try to fix this?

@269587 - that’s why I came here. I have no idea of any troubleshooting you could do for a sporadic problem that only seems to occur in the evenings. Maybe more customers using their TV slows it down and/or goes to a set up screen?? I would rather @TabloSupport provide some feedback here but they are missing-in-action here.

Speaking of which, did Tablo establish a known issues page so customers can see what they are working on, known problems, etc.??

That seems like a very specific time – perhaps more network than normal since everyone’s home…

The simplest solutions are to reboot the Roku, Tablo, or if it’s a sign of a larger problem, your network itself.

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From what I have seen with my setup… when I had to tweak my network around my Tablo. The APP will time out and goto the setup screen when it doesn’t see the device.

You can have low latency on your wireless. more devices during this time, low signal, more inference.

This will affect you locking in with the APP.

A known issues page would be nice :+1:

You can open a trouble ticket directly Tablo Support. I’ve found more answers from users in this forum than when I opened a ticket. YMMV


I’ve noticed that the slow load time happens at the top and bottom of the hour. If you try doing before or about 5 minutes after the top or bottom of the hour, Tablo loads faster. If I had to guess, the slow load might be related to the Tablo trying to phone home and connect to servers at the same time other Tablo’s are trying to do the same thing.


We still don’t have an answer about this hourly thing… very frustrating.

At first I thought it was a recording start/end thing, but now I’m wondering if it has something to do with the guide rolling over. Terminating old data or shifting the guide to reflect new data. Taking resources to update the guide for the current time. With the Home Screen being the default, I wonder how much of it is prepping that page.

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I think you’re probably right.

This is something we’re working to correct right now. We are slowly implementing additional scaling infrastructure and tools within the apps to reduce the load on servers during peak periods.

However, until all of these measures are fully rolled out you may still experience slowdowns from time to time.


Maybe if the app didn’t phone home every time you started it the problem would be solved. Users want less dependence on the internet not more reliable tablo servers.

But this will drive up demand for used legacy units.


I have to agree with you @zippy. I don’t know how they designed this service or the reasons they had with the current design. But to deliver OTA channels is not a huge undertaking. As long as I have a strong HD signal on my antenna and no bandwidth issues, calling home to Tablo servers doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. If I want to see the TV guide, that’s another issue all together.


Supposedly the gen 4 14-day guide gets updated every night with the new entries. And this should also include the FAST channels. So you shouldn’t need a phone home server for 13 days and still be able to use your tablo unit.

And that’s true for the legacy units.


I totally agree with all of this. We need less reliability on Tablo servers for basic operation, NOT more reliable servers!

Thanks @tablotv for stepping into this discussion and confirming there are load issues on your end on the servers. Please keep us up-to-date.

Also, I have been suggesting for some time now that Tablo provide a page with a current list of issues you are working on so that customers can preview, before starting up support cases. If all of us are aware on what you are working to fix, we could stop this constant churn of submitting cases. Not only that, your customers can partner with you to reach solutions for all of us. If you need my assistance, I have decades of experience with server administration.

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Just had this happen when tuning to Masterchef. It hung for four minutes, I rebooted my Roku, page prompted me to register my Tablo, I exit out and go back in…now I have the guide but when I try and play I get a Playback Failed error. Ten minutes of this so far.

FWIW, when Tablo decides at the top of the hour that it isn’t in the mood to perform for me, it’s this exact same sequence of events. Eventually it works but gosh, I’d like to watch my show when I want to and not at Tablo’s leisure.

I was a QA tester for 20 years. Will also offer my services :grin: