Tablo support lies

two hours ago, Tablo lady support did not know why 4g can’t scan channels.
she said hang up and I’ll email you a link to video capture.
that was three hours ago.

Are you asking anyone here for advice or just reporting all your complaints?

You’re not very descriptive in what’s going on here… If you’re looking for answers, ASK QUESTIONS and actually tell us what’s going on.

If all your telling support are the same short quips here, then it’s no wonder they can’t help.


Tablo 4th Gen.
Can’t scan channels.
Please help.

You were saying earlier that you couldn’t scan for channels because you were recording four things at once.

Obviously, you need at least ONE tuner available for your Tablo to scan for channels.

If you already have something recording, why do you need to scan for channels? If you are having failed recordings, why are you scanning for channels?

What are you doing? What have you tried? What has support told you? What happened when you tried those things? What errors are you getting? What device are you on? How is your device set up? Is it four or two tuners? You’ve gotta give us some information, man. C’mon. If you’re really a Tablo user for 3 years, you know how this works.

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Guide. Channel Lineup. 155 Channels
Service unavailable
No free tunet, unable to do channel scan.

MAC 5087B852A064

Thank you for fixing.
Time to fire.

My goal is for Tablo to succeed so that I benefit.
I will keep complaining as long as you fail.

Tablo emailed me:
If you continue to keep making new thread after new thread, your threads will be deleted. I am giving you a warning.

I emailed you. I do not work for Tablo.

And if any of you see spamming of topics, you can click on the three dots next to “Reply”. A flag icon is there. If enough of you click on that, it will remove that post/topic temporarily until the Tablo folks can look at it.


A reason I suggest ,4 tuner
A tuner is needed for channel scan and also got making thumbnail
I don’t know why they even made a two tuner version.

A lot of DVRs have only 2 tuners and for most people that is all they need. People need to do their home work and understand the limits of a device and not complain when they try to do things that are not the fault of the product.

The solution may be another Tablo or even something as simple as split the feed with one antenna feed to the TV and the other to the Tablo. This way the Tablo 4th gen can record 2 shows at the same time and you can watch something else on your TV or do a TV channel scan.


Does the tuner actually create the thumbnail?
Does the Thumbnail come from the Guide Data?

(super curious on this process)

@KimchiGUN Hi, not an expert by any means, but I do recall having read on this forum a note from Tablo that the tuner is used to record the program, then the same tuner required additional time (maybe up to half the length of the program) to scan through the recorded program and create/capture the thumbnails for use during playback.

Anyone else who knows the technical process, please feel free to correct me, but that is what I seem to recall from @TabloTV @TabloSupport.


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It plays the recording to make the thumbnails. I have both Legacy and 4th gen. Both the same way.

I have my antenna split between Legacy and 4th gen

Thank you.
Tablo may invest in error messages.

I now have legacy and 4th den Tablos connected.
Each has its own antenna.
4th gen is my backup.
I like legacy because of schedule.

I thought this was pretty clear. It tells you right there that you didn’t have a tuner available to scan for channels with.

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Some info on tuners here.

At the bottom of the page it says, "** Generating fast-forward previews and/or archiving of completed OTA antenna recordings (when using onboard storage) will be delayed until an over-the-air tuner is available. "

Tablo should provide a way to tell me how many tuners are in use.