Tablo suddenly giving "error: unknown error"

My 4 tuner Tablo has the latest firmware installed. Suddenly out of no where,. When I try to play a channel I get “error: unknown error”.
It will not play live TV or any recordings. It doesn’t work from Roku, firetv or PC.
Eventually after a few minutes it will bounce out to the search screen and not be able to find the tablo. If I restart the tablo I can connect to it briefly and get the same errors and eventually it falls off the network. All my other apps work.

Could there be a worst error message?
“error: unknown error” that is ridiculous.
Any ideas? I’m getting pissed I can’t watch TV.
Please help.

(humor ahead)

Maybe it should say “error: This is an error we would like to get to know better.”

In all seriousness, my favorite are IBM error messages which are like:

“Error: A325 has occurred”

So… you look that up in the very large error manual and it reads:

“A325: Error A325 has occurred”

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Lol, it’s definitely frustrating.

So I may have figured the issue out. I did notice that after deleting a few recordings recently, it would still show the icon with a number 1 like I had an unwatched video. When clicking on it, there are no recordings. It’s been acting a little weird and the display seems off from the internal database.
For the hell of it I unplugged the external hard drive and restarted the Tablo. It seems to be able to play live TV. I will experiment with the hard drive today.
Maybe it’s dying. It’s less than 3 years old, and only ever been used for the tablo.

Would nice to get some type of hard drive error in the future, not “error: unknown error”!!!

@Bmwpowr - Yep, that’s a pretty lame error message. Sorry :frowning:

The best way to get back up and running faster (and for us to figure out what the error actually IS so we can make a better message), is to drop a note to our support team so they can take a look at your Tablo:

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Just wanted to post an update.
I bought a new hard drive and it did fix the problem.
Sucks that the seagate drive I had only lasted 2 years, but I bought a replacement and all is working again.
Hopefully the error message is updated and it will make trouble shooting this issue in the future easier for someone.

That’s why I don’t buy Seagate any more — they seem to fail in a year or two.

My 2TB portable been running hot and straight for 4 yrs on Tablo

I had the 1TB seagate, I replaced it with the approved 2TB. Hopefully it lasts longer. :slight_smile:

It happened to us tonight. I tried some cursory things like pushing the blue button. (We have the very basic Tablo.)

None of those lazy attempts worked.

I unplugged and replugged the Amazon Fire box. Unplugged and replugged Tablo. Pressed the blue button. Sat down and deleted the Tablo ap. Reloaded the Tablo ap. Then everything popped back up; including the shows I keep recorded on a flash drive (it works --no Seagate vs. WD war).