Hard drive issues?

I was getting the unknown error on this thread

And I removed my harddrive, rebooted the device and the tablo is now playing live TV – but only for a few seconds or minutes before stopping.

However I plugged the hard drive into the PC and windows seems to give me the correct information about it. I think there is a chance that the hard drive is working but there is something corrupt in the video files causing tablo to throw an error.

What’s causing my live TV to stop/fail when I don’t have a hard drive plugged in? I recall reading that my model does have internal storage specifically for Live TV and hard drives are only required for recording.

and Is there a way for me to try and recover at least some successful recordings of my (assuming) working hard drive through my PC before refomatting and plugging into a tablo again?

You should be able to play live TV without the drive attached; do you get an error message after a few minutes?

You could try reformatting the drive on your PC, then reattaching it to the Tablo - just keep in mind you’ll lose any recordings on the drive.

Is there a way for me to at least attempt a partial recovery or get a PC to attempt read the contents of the drive?